COVID-19 may have upended their wedding plans, but these couples found a safer, more intimate way to still get married.
The coronavirus pandemic may have canceled wedding plans, but it couldn't stop these couples' love.
Mayor Bill de Blasio called the clandestine ceremony at Brooklyn's Yetev Lev temple "just unacceptable."
Over 300 guests are being asked to self-quarantine following a recent wedding in Washington state. An Ohio couple said that nearly half of their guests became ill.
The COVID-19 pandemic gives you a chance to accessorize your nuptials in a whole new way.
"Your expressions have truly touched our hearts," the co-founder of lifestyle website Insidewink wrote in an Instagram post.
The couple, who got engaged in May 2019, tied the knot after three years of dating.
These relaxed gowns and jumpsuits are a perfect fit for the micro wedding trend.
Boeing astronaut Chris Ferguson said it was a difficult decision, but said he has several commitments “which I simply cannot risk missing.”
"I didn’t need a Kim K wedding to profess my love for my wife. Our wedding brought people from all over the globe together for a moment of joy and peace."