Well Being

If you're telling yourself everything will be fine and focusing only on positive or happy emotions during the coronavirus pandemic, you probably need to read this.
There's a Yale class that teaches students how to be happy. We asked the instructor to share some of her lessons.
New Zealand is being hailed as the first Western country to prioritize well-being over economic growth.
To break this paradox, economists say we must measure and manage happiness and well-being.
“Costa Rica tells us that there is something beyond money that is important.”
Despite rising income levels, the U.S. ranking continues to fall on the UN’s World Happiness list. The happiest country on the list? Finland.
WalletHub’s annual report is out, ranking each state from most to least happy.
Some of life's biggest peaks come in later years.
So what do you need to make a successful transition? After 15 years of living abroad, we have some pointers... More and more