Why We Vacation

My main tip is to just get off your high horse and stop thinking that the entire office is going to crumble to the ground
It's time that the U.S. catch up with Canada, Germany and Japan and every other advanced nation in the world, and it's time to bring vacation equality to those 28 million working Americans. Paid vacation for workers in the 21st Century workplace is a policy whose time has come.
“Vacations are a great time for self assessment. They offer free time, relaxation and detachment from your day-to-day routine
With an upcoming film festival job looming in my schedule, I realized that it was as good a time as any my stress factor was just going up and up. So I decided to take a week of mental preparation in the form of a six-day retreat.
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An island vacation is the perfect way to leave the everyday stress of urban life behind -- but you don't have to head halfway