Know exactly what you're toasting with next time you pick a sparkling wine.
One Twitter user said the wine "pairs well with bribery."
As of Friday, at least 50,000 people had been ordered to evacuate their homes in the Los Angeles area.
Donald Tusk said there would be consequences if the U.S. president went through with his tariff threat against France.
President Donald Trump said he's considering slapping tariffs on French wine to retaliate for a new digital service tax. Trump Winery in Virginia would stand to gain.
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Comedian and mom Dena Blizzard wants to help parents survive the holidays.
The company said the new design is eco-friendly. People suggested the foodie look also paired nicely with Tide Pods.
The beetroot booze is called “Karisimbi,” and has a milder buzz than other kinds of wine.
France’s famous vintners will need new grapes that can withstand a warmer climate — and produce wine that remains both fine and French.
Here’s why you should seriously consider giving up the booze for good.
When you find the wine that you want, put a ring on it. Just ask Portland, Oregon, artist Michael James Schneider. 🍷
So. Much. Cheese. After years of going almost cheese-less, it’s finally making a comeback in Russia.
They supposedly "intensify the wine’s fruit and floral aromas and silkiness as it enters the mouth."
Forget about “undercurrents of bramble and sage” and what the weather was like in 2011. This is the opposite of every wine list you’ve ever read.