Winter Recipes

Whether you're lazing around in slippers or spending hours shoveling, these are the perfect dishes to warm up with when snowflakes are falling.
The chef's new Big American Cookbook is a tribute to his favorite recipes from across the country. The dishes in this trio originate from spots east to west.
This would work with any meat braise: Lamb or pork shoulder? Beef brisket? Coq au vin? As long as you make enough sauce, you'll
If you've got 20 minutes to spare, you can definitely whip up vegetable soup on the fly.
The options are practically limitless.
Upon returning from a trip, Jackie and I generally have pasta as our first home-cooked meal. It isn't a question of deprivation (it happens even after we've been to Italy) but of a wish to return to cooking at its most domestic.
When you're snowed in with nowhere to go, you might as well stay busy in the kitchen. From cozy beef stew to boozy apple cider, these recipes will warm you up -- especially after you finish shoveling that driveway.
On a cold winter night, a hot and comforting chicken dish is the perfect way to warm up. From Peruvian Roast Chicken to Filipino-Style Chicken Adobo, this flavorful recipe collection won't disappoint.