Working Moms

“I never saw that baby,” the "Grey's Anatomy" actor said as she reflected on her early days with daughter Naleigh, now 14.
A mother, who owns a small business, got emotional while sharing the demands of child care during a congressional hearing.
"I, and the many other moms who've had to take time out of the workforce, need your grace and understanding."
The comedian asked other mothers to share their stories in a heartfelt post on Instagram.
Plus: Chanel Miller tells her own story after Brock Turner trial.
Kate Middleton has also spoken about the challenges of being a working parent.
While neither of us thought our new arrangement was unusual, other people seemed to have issues with it.
A Supreme Court ruling was supposed to help, but a new report shows that employers are getting away with discrimination.
The pic shows her in costume and reflects her "actual life on set."