Working Moms

The tennis superstar gave an important reminder to working moms on International Women's Day.
I recently attended a Women In Tech networking event hosted by WeWork Dupont in Washington, DC. I didn’t go alone though
Two months ago, I accepted the opportunity to take a work-from-home job, and I’m miserable.
Moms aren't incredible employees despite being mothers; they're great because they are mothers.
I don’t know how you finish your day job and then rush home to start your other, harder, more demanding job.
My job is not to crush them. To help them preserve their ME, to nurture their ideas, to witness their feelings and create
I see the times I check out from my life forcing Cole to take on daddy duty from the minute he steps in the door until the
“Having Jane gave me a better sense of what life is.”
Read the rest of the post HERE... For years I've admired wrist tattoos but I was always afraid that they would hurt-- I'm
Why? Why would anyone throw something away in a garbage can without a bag? It just blows my mind. Does this happen in your
To all the working moms out there: you can do it. If you're anything like me, you love your family and you love your job
How much of ourselves should we sacrifice for our families? The end of my maternity leave was marked with a big red “X” on
Since I've become a stay-at-home mom, I've found it difficult to answer the "What do you do?" question. I've never been able to simply say, "I'm a mom" with conviction.
Today you turn 14 weeks old, and mommy is going back to work.