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In a video, the man repeatedly jabs at the back of the seat. On Twitter, a debate ensued about airplane etiquette.
Britain's Birmingham airport had heavy crosswinds due to Storm Ciara.
The Department of Transportation is considering new rules that would restrict service animals on airplanes to specially trained dogs.
From Slovenia to Ecuador, these spots offer a variety of activities for solo travelers.
Paris locals share the faux pas they often see visitors committing.
Experience gifts are great, but travelers need practical gifts, too.
Your boarding pass contains a lot more data than you might realize.
The attraction opens Thursday at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida and in January at Disneyland in California.
12 tips for dealing with different cost constraints on group trips.
Here are theme park destinations beyond the classic Disney, Universal and Six Flags fare.
Mikhail Galin almost got away with his over-the-top plan to keep his pet out of cargo. If only he had stayed off of social media.
"I'm going to be on this Amtrak train for 70 minutes so I brought 70 snacks."
If you're a nature lover, here's where you should stay around the world.
Travel and mental health experts examine the common tendency to delay and ways to stop stalling post-vacation.
A terrifying moment was caught on camera at the Grand Canyon.
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At these joints, you can dine on food and fright.
At night, beams of light will mimic the strings of the guitar.
Travel experts shared their advice for getting low prices and good deals on hotel rooms.
Small towns around the world -- and particularly in the Philippines -- don't have the infrastructure to handle a sudden rush of tourism.

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