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With a golden statue of Donald Trump, Republicans showed the former president remains a political force.
"That's a pretty good job we're doing," he gloated. Twelve months later, the U.S. coronavirus death toll has passed 510,000.
A woman brought the two French bulldogs to the LAPD’s Olympic Community Police Station.
Hundreds of Christian leaders have signed a letter rejecting Christian nationalism and conspiracy theories.
Lunar New Year celebrations, Myanmar protests and an Eagle hunter round out this week's best images.
People were chanting "CNN sucks," while one woman urged, "Get him! Get him!"
If approved as expected by the Food and Drug Administration, this would be the third coronavirus vaccine available in the U.S. and the only one to require just one dose.
Initial data shows Black and Latinx people are being vaccinated at lower rates, even as they face higher rates of hospitalization and death from COVID-19.
Danny "DJ" Rodriguez brawled with cops, tried to smash out a Capitol window, and assaulted a police officer on Jan. 6. He’s still at large.
Despite the fact that millions of his constituents were left without power in Texas last week, Cruz was still willing to make light of his Cancun trip.