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Markus Maly testified at his trial that the Capitol riot was "fun" for him. He's been sentenced to six years in prison for attacking police.
"You could just take one-tenth of this and you have a case that’s airtight," said Conway, a conservative attorney and longtime Trump critic, of the indictment.
Climate change denial and conspiracy theories about coordinated arson are dominating the right-wing response to the devastating Canadian wildfires.
"You almost look like you're defending him at this point," New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu said of Trump's rivals for the presidential nomination.
Trump’s closest GOP rival never mentioned the coup-attempting former president by name but suggested the prosecution against him was politically motivated.
Colombia's president says authorities have found alive four children who survived a small plane crash 40 days ago.
Holloway’s parents said they hope the extortion case will finally lead to answers in the 18-year-old's 2005 disappearance.
Akira Ross was shot and killed on the second day of Pride month at a Circle K in Cedar Park, a suburb of Austin, Texas.
Officer Richard Best testified that Deputy Scot Peterson told him the shooter was upstairs, contradicting the deputy's previous story.
“Oh no oh no,” one Trump employee allegedly texted about a photo of sensitive documents.