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"Tax us, the rich, and tax us now," said the letter. Otherwise, there will be "pitchforks" over the injustice, they warn.
“Donald cares only about Donald, more than he would care about his children," says Cohen. And “Ivanka is interested only in Ivanka.”
"I'd like to report an insurrection!" Acosta slammed back at the Florida governor's plan to create a special force to police elections.
Britain has sent anti-tank weapons to Ukraine as part of efforts to bolster its defenses against a potential Russian attack.
All 100 of the cynomolgus macaque monkeys have been accounted for, but three were euthanized.
Earlier this week, Sinema helped to prevent the passage of crucial voting rights legislation by voting against filibuster reform.
"I will bring every single gun loaded and ready,” she said at a school board meeting. She later apologized.
Comparing vaccine requirements to Nazi atrocities is "peak despicable," said one Twitter user.
“The University of Rhode Island has the ... responsibility to sustain ... American democracy by inspiring and modeling good citizenship,” said the college president.
The trial for Tou Thao, Thomas Lane and J. Kueng -- the three former Minneapolis officers charged with violating George Floyd’s civil rights -- begins Monday.
Shane McInerney allegedly also threw a can that hit another passenger on a Delta flight from Dublin to New York earlier this month.
A New York City police officer was killed and another critically wounded Friday night, making four officers shot in the city in as many days.
The league will continue symptom-based testing and screening for symptoms.
The Kremlin is keeping the U.S. and its allies guessing about its next moves in the worst security crisis to emerge between Moscow and the West since the Cold War.
"If he was on my team I’d have to put hands on him," the NBA legend said of the Brooklyn Nets star's refusal to get the coronavirus shot.
The reported souring in tensions between the former president and the Florida governor gets the treatment in the anti-DeSantis spot.
MSNBC's Ari Melber shot down Trump's former trade adviser when he pretended to be clueless about the violence.
Authorities searched for at least three of the monkeys that appeared to have escaped the vehicle in Pennsylvania.
The actor and former California governor is fine.
"We have to ... see to what extent this was part of a comprehensive plan to overthrow the 2020 election," said Rep. Jamie Raskin.