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The new Congressional Workers Union says Rep. Andy Levin's office voted unanimously in favor of unionizing.
“John Fetterman has the courage to do what's right,” the suburban Philadelphia sheriff says of the Democrat. “Dr. Oz doesn't know a thing about crime."
Abigail Spanberger, an endangered House Democrat, has tried to emphasize her GOP opponent Yesli Vega's "extreme" views on abortion in one of the nation's most competitive districts.
The right-wing podcaster hasn't served in the military himself, as many critics were quick to point out.
The program that paid Favre wasn't paying poor people in the first place.
Amid progressive calls to abolish the filibuster, the Arizona Democrat said she's in favor of restoring it to processes where it's already been removed.
Michael Carneal, now 39, told a parole board that he still hears voices like the ones that told him to fire a gun in his high school in 1997, killing three people.
Mahsa Amini died days after Iran's morality police detained her for not wearing her hijab properly, leading to demonstrations by civilians demanding justice.
“Love is now the law,” Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel tweeted in response to the news.
Five Oath Keepers, including the group's founder, are going on trial this week for their role in the Capitol riot.