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The former president seems to be the go-to guy on a certain matter.
The warning comes after Israeli forces killed five Palestinians and wounded dozens as displaced residents tried returning to their homes in the north.
An Israeli military spokesman said that 99% of the drones and missiles launched by Iran were intercepted.
Follow along for live updates as the former president's first criminal trial gets underway in New York City.
Howard Kurtz corrected a conservative journalist who repeated Donald Trump’s falsehoods about Democratic positions on abortion.
French President Emmanuel Macron said the 2024 Games ceremony could be shifted to the Stade de France if the security threat is deemed too high.
The twins pursued separate careers, interests and relationships during lives that defied medical expectations.
The former president complained about reality during a rally in Pennsylvania
The former national security adviser also criticized President Joe Biden’s strategy in the Middle East.
No life-threatening injuries were reported in the attack that came a few days after an assailant stabbed six people to death in a busy Sydney shopping mall.