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The Pentagon says a U.S. contractor was killed when a suspected Iranian drone struck a facility on a coalition base in northeast Syria on Thursday.
“It was a mistake," the Republican said of soliciting political donations at the Capitol. "I take responsibility."
Casteism is pervasive and entrenched all over the world, including in the United States.
Only 15 states and Washington, D.C., have passed legislation to provide students with free access to menstrual products in schools.
The Andean bear will be traveling from the St. Louis Zoo to a Texas zoo equipped with a moat.
“Is this an insurrection?" Rep. Pat Fallon asked the grieving parents.
The governing body of track and field also placed limits that will keep women with differences in sex development, or DSD, from competing.
A crash along the Baltimore beltway left six construction workers dead after a driver lost control of her vehicle Wednesday.
A lawyer for Ray Epps said Fox News and Carlson must apologize on the air for spreading the lie that Epps was a federal agent.
Shou Zi Chew defended the popular app before House lawmakers who warned that data security and user safety issues could lead to a ban in the U.S.