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The MSNBC host broke down how the Senate minority leader has left his post "diminished" as he prepares to leave GOP leadership.
The GOP senator's warning about his "long memory" went spectacularly awry.
It’s “one of the things that should worry everybody about Donald," the former president's niece told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.
The former president raised eyebrows with his ranting reason for the defeat.
Michael Steele called the former president "the biggest RINO" after his rally remarks over the weekend.
Lee Speigel, who died last August, got astronauts and the UN talking about the search for intelligent life in the universe. Friends and family are preparing a final tribute -- in space.
“This was an obvious case not to take up, and just let the D.C. Circuit Court ruling stand,” the lawmaker said.
It's a relatively small win. But it's the first time the former South Carolina governor has beaten Trump — and her supporters are here for it.
The resolution of the case would remove uncertainty about whether votes for Trump will count.
Earlier this week, a White House official said that the Israelis “have more or less accepted” the cease-fire proposal.