An $85,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest in the unsolved Stockton shootings that started in July.
The "policies and procedure and all the failures that occurred ... need to be addressed,” said Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo.
The school serves recent immigrants ages 16-21 who have fled violence and instability in their home countries.
Nearly a dozen lawsuits in Illinois accuse gun-maker Smith & Wesson of illegally targeting young men at risk of violence with ads for firearms.
The convicted bombmaker was discovered missing from the Southern Desert Correctional Center.
Michael Carneal, now 39, told a parole board that he still hears voices like the ones that told him to fire a gun in his high school in 1997, killing three people.
Five Oath Keepers, including the group's founder, are going on trial this week for their role in the Capitol riot.
The two girls planned to run away to Georgia together after carrying out the killings in Texas, authorities said.
"You can see how terrified they are," says the founder of an African sanctuary after seeing a "proof of life" video sent by kidnappers.
Authorities suggested that the 2-year-old boy may have died from extreme temperatures after being abandoned inside the locked vehicle Tuesday.