Dahmer was killed in prison while serving 15 life sentences for a series of shocking murders.
Despite silent streets and nearly nonexistent traffic, vehicle larcenies shot up 63% in New York and nearly 17% in Los Angeles from Jan. 1 through mid-May.
William “Roddie” Bryan Jr. has been charged with felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment.
Prosecutors said former officer Gerald Goines allegedly lied about evidence in order to obtain warrants to search homes and make arrests.
"I just witnessed an armed terrorist with an AR-15 shoot up Westgate," State Sen. Martin Quezad said on Twitter.
The shooting took place early Thursday morning at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi.
Famed trainer Jason Servis is among those accused of doping his horses, including Maximum Security, who briefly won last year’s Kentucky Derby.
This verdict is empowering but won't fix a broken system.
After killing Amarah Banks and her two daughters, Arzel Ivery fled to Memphis to start a new life, Wisconsin police say.
The female suspect allegedly shouted “I have the coronavirus” before coughing what the police report called “copious amounts of saliva” into an EMT's face.