The 60-year-old former British socialite was sentenced to 20 years in prison for her role in sex trafficking underage girls. Her attorney said they will appeal.
“I feel terrible for what I did,” Hinckley told CBS News. “If I could take it all back, I would. I swear — I would take it all back.”
After the boy's father left their motel room, the kid allegedly found the dad's gun and fired a round that killed the baby and struck the toddler.
“This was a very tragic situation that did not have to occur,” Atlanta police Deputy Chief Charles Hampton Jr. told reporters Monday.
Defense attorney Shannon Smith said that Ethan Crumbley’s testimony would be related to “extraneous matters” and not the Nov. 30 shooting.
The unidentified man is thought to be the person who shot a 27-year-old man to death and wounded a 70-year-old man as the train departed the Forest Hill station.
The woman placing the order asked restaurant employees to “call the police” and have them come with the delivery, but “please don’t make it obvious.”
The Georgia Supreme Court said evidence that Justin Ross Harris intentionally and maliciously left his toddler son Cooper in his car to die “was far from overwhelming.”
The Texas Department of Public Safety director called the police response to the Uvalde school shooting an "abject failure."