Holloway’s parents said they hope the extortion case will finally lead to answers in the 18-year-old's 2005 disappearance.
Akira Ross was shot and killed on the second day of Pride month at a Circle K in Cedar Park, a suburb of Austin, Texas.
Officer Richard Best testified that Deputy Scot Peterson told him the shooter was upstairs, contradicting the deputy's previous story.
The Los Angeles county district attorney's office had tweeted photos of its entry in a Pride parade, which was met with "homophobic and transphobic slurs."
“My training is that you run toward the sound of gunshots,” Coral Springs Sgt. Jeffrey Heinrich told the court. “It was just instinct.”
Jesse Lee Williams allegedly searched “How do the cops trace a cell phone?” shortly before Paula Belonga went missing.
The child was sitting in a baby bouncer when his older brother shot him with a loaded, semi-automatic weapon that had been left in the house.
Terence Greene, 57, a former school dance teacher, was sentenced Thursday to life in prison for raping six teenage students and sexually abusing two others.
A white Florida woman charged with shooting and killing her Black neighbor told detectives that she called the victim’s children by racist slurs in the months leading up to the slaying, according to an arrest report.
“I think I know who did it, but I ain't got no proof,” Stan Sells said. “It's a neighbor I haven't gotten along with for several years.”