Prosecution witness Dr. Jonathan Rich testified in Derek Chauvin's murder trial that Floyd died as a result of asphyxia caused by police restraint.
Special Agent James N. Hendricks allegedly leered at women in the workplace, touched them inappropriately and asked one to have sex in a conference room.
New York police veteran Thomas Webster is unhappy with his "dormitory" detention, his lawyer reportedly said.
Army Lt. Caron Nazario filed a lawsuit against two officers who threatened and pepper-sprayed him during a December traffic stop, as shown on footage.
Former Atlanta Falcons cornerback Phillip Adams opened fire on a family and two AC technicians before killing himself, officials said.
Michael Thomas Lang has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Sgt. Jim Smith, a 27-year veteran of the Iowa State Patrol.
Some of the week's most stinging testimony came from a renowned pulmonologist and the chief of the Minneapolis Police Department.
The brain of Phillip Adams will be tested for a degenerative disease that has been shown to cause violent mood swings and other disorders.
On Thursday, a judge ordered Debra Hunter to pay a $500 fine, serve six months probation and participate in a mental health evaluation and anger management class.
“This is a disgusting reminder to be cautious about who you let into your home," said the sheriff in Oakland County, Michigan.