Investigators reportedly believe bear spray may be linked to Sicknick's death after the Capitol riot.
Shawn Douglas was arrested after he allegedly abducted two tenants he was unable to evict due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Thomas Webster, 54, dubbed "eye gouger" on social media for his grip on the officer's face, attacked "like a junkyard dog" in the Capitol riot, a prosecutor said.
An investigator told Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg during questioning, “His face was in your windshield, Jason, think about that.”
Baton Rouge officials said an investigation into the incident is underway and that they have not yet reached a decision concerning the officer’s actions.
Emma Coronel Aispuro, 31, is accused of helping her husband run his multibillion-dollar cartel and plotting his audacious escape from a Mexican prison in 2015.
An investigation into the actor was reopened last fall, after his accuser filed a new complaint over a pair of alleged assaults at his Parisian home.
Simon Bowes-Lyon, the Earl of Strathmore, had admitted assaulting the woman in February 2020.
Claims were filed in the names of well-known murderers like Scott Peterson and Cary Stayner. At least 158 claims were filed for 133 death-row inmates.
Several decades ago, 229 men and one woman were convicted of terrible crimes. They thought they were going to die in prison. But then, many years later, in a nerve-wracking experiment, they received an unimagined second chance.