“Although I am not a world-famous artist as is Ye, I have just as much right to work as he does,” Nichol Lechmanik said.
Federal prosecutors said Clifford Walters was not acting with malice when he attempted to help a bison calf cross the Lamar River to reunite with its mother.
Two young boys fatally shot in a triple homicide at an eastern Pennsylvania home this week were playing with their kittens in the backyard when the shots rang out.
Solomon Peña is accused of organizing and carrying out attacks in New Mexico, including one that involved a machine gun, after his 2022 election defeat.
“Shots fired, shots fired, shots fired,” Tierney Tomburo said into her radio. As she screamed, her body camera tilted upward, capturing the dark sky.
Authorities and her divorce attorneys failed Becky Bliefnick when she repeatedly asked for help with her “vengeful and unpredictable” estranged husband, the prosecutor said in closing arguments.
Prosecutors had said Scientology officials protected the “That ’70s Show” actor for years after he drugged and sexually assaulted the women.
Eunice Dwumfour, 30, was found fatally shot in her car in February, and her family sought answers for months.
Alex Murdaugh entered his plea on the federal charges on Wednesday, but his lawyers said at the hearing he might change it soon.
The juveniles face felony assault charges after allegedly participating in the attack on the men, who had complained about the minors' use of fireworks.