The Carrollton Police Department in Texas wants to charge 18-year-old Lorraine Maradiaga with "terroristic threat."
Asian Americans have reported an increase in hate crimes and discrimination since the start of the pandemic.
John Swaller was jailed in Missouri on a charge of making terroristic threats.
The teenage suspect reportedly said he thought the family was Chinese and spreading the coronavirus.
Baruch Feldheim, 43, allegedly hoarded enough supplies to outfit an entire hospital and coughed on FBI agents investigating his business.
One man threw two parties in a week while a second man crammed 47 people and a DJ into a small apartment, police said.
The 25-year-old man allegedly told a Secret Service officer that he was there to "assassinate" the president.
Several historical markers in Plymouth, Massachusetts, were defaced with graffiti.
Weinstein’s lawyer will likely try to use these messages to discredit the accusers. But contacting an abuser is common survivor behavior.
Dozens of women have accused the producer of sexual misconduct, but his New York trial focuses on two alleged incidents.
As Jessica Mann broke down during cross-examination, the disgraced film executive reportedly was seen "sleeping at times."
The clarification comes after last month's confusion over whether the footage had been preserved.
Police say a 51-year-old employee of the brewery opened fire on his co-workers, killing five people before turning the gun on himself.
A sixth woman accusing the former producer of sexual assault testified in order to help prosecutors paint him as a serial abuser.
"I made the wrong decision and it is one I deeply regret," said New York Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb.
The arrests come a month after an active-duty sailor shot three civilian employees at the base's naval shipyard, killing two of them.
Matthew Dingley, 28, allegedly beat a flight attendant, tried to enter the cockpit and injured several police in a violent outburst Thursday.
Two police officers were among those injured in the Forrest City shooting.
The 22-year-old man was chased down and punched by two women who hurled hateful epithets at him on New Year's Day, police said.
David Hay was arrested at a Wisconsin airport after allegedly trying to arrange sex with an underage boy.