Cruz’s trial is likely to skip to the penalty phase, with a jury deciding his sentence for the 2018 mass shooting in Florida.
The former real estate scion is also facing potential charges related to the disappearance of his first wife in the 1980s.
The Biden administration supports the death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, despite the president's opposition to capital punishment.
The driver was pulled from his truck and beaten after trying to ram people on a sidewalk in Southern California, authorities said.
It's "like the world stops," police officer Jason Burba said of trying to recover a missing child. "Every second feels like hours."
The Air Force did not properly submit Devin Patrick Kelley's criminal history to an FBI database, allowing him to legally purchase firearms used in the 2017 attack.
It was the largest illegal pot bust in Los Angeles County history.
John T. Earnest avoided the death penalty with his plea in San Diego Superior Court.
Michael Leon Brock was filmed appearing to hit and push officers with the metal rod while wearing a hoodie reading "God, Guns and Trump."
The shooting took place in the Logan Circle neighborhood in D.C.