Students at the predominantly white high school were disciplined for their participation in the group Snapchat message.
The National Collegiate Athletic Association suggested that it may not hold championship games in states with anti-trans laws on the books.
Technical issues caused half a million high school seniors to be accepted into a program that usually accepts about three dozen students a year.
The bill would also require faculty to complete annual surveys on their political beliefs.
"I was really confused," Virginia high school student Brendan Martin said after the wild incident interrupted his nap.
The action targets a loan forgiveness program that aims to help people with disabilities but that critics say carries overly burdensome rules.
Tennessee on Friday became the latest state to ban transgender students from participating in sports under their gender identity.
Faculty and staff at the New Jersey school will be strongly encouraged to seek vaccinations, too.
These books foster compassion for animals in kids.
5-year-old Wesley Walker and his father, Elijah, are part of the franchise's effort to address racial justice in a direct (but age-appropriate) way.