Yes, kids are behind, and the most vulnerable were hit hardest. But we now have more evidence that schools work, and they can help all kids recover.
The students created the "Know Justice, Know Peace" podcast following George Floyd's murder in 2020.
Fischer Wells was the only trans student in Kentucky competing in high school sports — until the state legislature said she couldn't.
Shiva Rajbhandari, 18, beat out an opponent endorsed by a local far-right group that had harassed officials and supported banning books.
Winning researchers included two scientists who studied the sex lives of constipated scorpions, and a person who made a life-size crash test dummy of a moose.
The school board also decided to scrap a measure that would have taught 12th graders about two Supreme Court cases impacting the queer community.
"For a lot of us book-lovers, the book fair of our childhood holds a misty, sepia-tinted place in our memories."
Such attacks have become a growing threat to U.S. schools, with several high-profile incidents reported since last year.
There is new high fencing around the Texas community's public schools that still isn't finished and a heavy police patrol that many families don't trust.
The Education Department proposed changes to the law that would protect LGBTQ people, but the changes were temporarily blocked by a federal judge.