University of Pennsylvania administrators told a student group it could lose funding and organizers could face consequences for screening "Israelism."
"Those of us who struggle with alcoholism and addiction have internalized the pervasive message that we are simply screw-ups."
The shake-up came amid controversy about a transgender student playing on a school team for girls, despite the state limiting such teams to biological females.
"The nurse sent an email saying half my kid鈥檚 preschool is out sick, so I blocked her because I don鈥檛 need that kind of negativity in my life"
鈥淭he ultimate goal of the enemy is silencing the Gospel," the Republican said in 2004 after Jewish parents sued a school for pushing Christianity on their kids.
The "Last Week Tonight" host unspooled a supercut of the Fox News personality bragging about his alma mater.
"This administration has been fighting to fix a broken higher education system," writes Secretary of Education Miguel A. Cardona, "and make college more affordable and accessible."
Parents say they're still worried about the right-leaning school board and the influence of conservative politics and religion in local public schools.
"I am unwilling to stand by and watch while books are banned by schools,鈥 the singer said.
鈥淲e just had this giant cry sesh outside of the choir room,鈥 Max Hightower said.