Falwell, who was toppled by scandals this summer, has filed a lawsuit against the evangelical university claiming defamation and breach of contract.
The need for more educational resources is mounting, but without federal aid, money is scarce.
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"Plenty of people without college degrees" would make better presidents than Trump, the New York Democrat said.
The Sackler name — now synonymous with the opioid epidemic — is “inconsistent with our institution’s values," the school said.
Students at the Ann Arbor school were found to make up more than 60% of the local coronavirus cases, health officials said.
"Growing up, I was taught to understand 'the Good Book" the way an originalist understands the Constitution, and I now know how dangerous that approach can be."
PragerU videos were recently assigned in an Ohio classroom. Turns out, the right-wing site is looking to further its influence in K-12 settings.
"Colleges should release their applicants from the need to study for a three-hour test not just during the pandemic but for good."
Cafeteria workers and other school support staff are afraid of getting coronavirus as more students return — but many are even more afraid of losing their jobs.