Don't let dramatic videos of retail theft lead you to believe that crime is running rampant everywhere we look.
“The evidence we now have, and have published today, is that an Israeli tank crew killed our colleague."
Justin Wells is accused of "aggressively" grabbing the genitals of then-fellow Fox News employee Andrew Delancey at Wells' apartment.
The Muslim host is known for his tough interview style and for challenging the media’s pro-Israel coverage of Gaza.
Splinter, a politics-focused site that shut down in 2019, is also reportedly part of the deal.
Futurism found that some authors on Sports Illustrated's site did not appear to exist outside of the publication.
Some Biden administration officials are reportedly worried about the effect broader press access might have on the public's opinion of Israel.
Before Fox walked the report back, anchor John Roberts said it’s unclear “how long the people who perpetrated this attack have been in” America.
His plans could include an expansion into the U.S., according to a report in The New York Times.