KTLA reportedly let go of Mark Mester following his comments about the exit of veteran anchor Lynette Romero.
Twitter users believed the Fox News host went after the former president's marital and financial woes.
The Fox News host looked back at the Watergate scandal that Nixon himself once discussed on tape.
The Fox News host equated taking a child to a drag show with child molestation.
After Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew migrants from Texas to Martha's Vineyard, Carlson claimed migrants could "dramatically" reduce quality of life
The Fox News host joked that the migrants should stay at the property owned by Barack and Michelle Obama so they could have a “goat barbecue.”
Shaw was best remembered for calmly reporting the beginning of the Gulf War in 1991 as missiles flew around him in Baghdad.
John Miller resigned from the NYPD after lying about its Muslim surveillance program. Now he’s covering law enforcement for CNN.
Harwood weighed in on Joe Biden's primetime speech that criticized "MAGA Republicans" for trying to take the U.S. backwards.
Jesse Watters interjected his guest's take and used his show to attack FBI agents on Thursday.