"Jim Jordan is out of moves with Alvin Bragg at the end of round one," said O'Donnell during his MSNBC program on Thursday.
Abby Grossberg claims Fox attorneys coerced her into giving misleading testimony to protect male executives and on-air talent.
“I am going to be ok!” she wrote later on Facebook.
The MSNBC host didn't hold back about the former president following his Truth Social post that claimed he would be arrested on Tuesday.
"How can history hold anyone accountable if a key witness is actively undermining that search for truth?” the MSNBC host asked.
A Fox News' graphic couldn't keep up with Carlson's false remark.
A staffer in the Florida governor's Education Department tweeted out an email from Ben Montgomery. Then the journalist was out of a job.
Bethany Mandel apologized, saying it was "hard to explain" the word used throughout her book.
The British media behemoth was sharply criticized for the reported move.
Chris Stirewalt recalled how Fox News bosses reacted to Donald Trump's 2020 defeat as Dominion Voting Systems' $1.6-billion defamation lawsuit advances.