The Fox host got an earful when he popped into a fly fishing store.
The sports reporter and ESPN had been unable to agree on a new contract. She also left the channel after news emerged of a colleague's racist remarks.
"I never told anyone to get a vaccine," he said after a viral clip of him urging people to look into getting the vaccine earned him praise.
Don't be fooled by that viral clip of Sean Hannity; Fox News hosts are casting doubt on the COVID-19 vaccine just as much as they always have.
Lieu has challenged Kelly over her suggestion that the Capitol riot had been overhyped by the media and "wasn't an insurrection." She told him to "grow up."
Andrea Mackris is breaking her nondisclosure agreement 17 years after she and the ousted Fox News star settled her lawsuit.
The media giant responsible for sowing doubt about the climate crisis is launching a 24-hour weather news channel.
A phrase about Harry's "mental health" was reportedly excised.
The paper's print edition and online edition will cease no later than Saturday due to “the current circumstances prevailing in Hong Kong.”