The lawsuit comes more than a year after the DOJ and Federal Trade Commission began antitrust investigations into four big tech companies.
MeidasTouch delivers the beginning of its closing argument against the president's reelection.
Stuart Stevens likened the "complete collapse" of the GOP to the fall of the Soviet Union.
Wehner warns that evangelicals will pay a huge price for their blind loyalty to the president.
“For fact-checkers, the period from Friday through Sunday was one of the most challenging of Trump’s entire presidency," said Daniel Dale.
“If we are right,” the group wrote in a letter, “this is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote."
After Trump's take on the "YMCA" went viral, Kamala Harris showed off some moves of her own.
William McRaven, retired four-star admiral and former head of U.S. Special Operations Command, says he's a conservative and he's voting for Democrat Joe Biden.
The president told reporters he's not running scared, he's running angry, as he campaigns aggressively in battleground states.
While the number falls short of the estimated 1.4 million people the state voted to enfranchise in 2018, civil rights groups said it was still a historic moment.