The decision saves insurance for 31 million and Affordable Care Act protections for preexisting conditions.
President Joe Biden will be signing the law Thursday to officially make Juneteenth a federal holiday.
A new poll finds that half of Republican voters think Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud could put him back in the White House this year.
Rep. Paul Gosar’s sibling said she was "stunned at the brazenness" of GOP lawmakers trying to erase the insurrection.
The ruling has broader implications for allowing taxpayer-funded groups, such as foster care and homeless services, to deny help based on “religious freedom.”
The West Virginia Democrat again expressed hope that "there’s enough good Republicans" who will support a bipartisan outcome on federal voting changes.
The former president revived an old grievance with a strange new twist.
Here’s how the new holiday unexpectedly sailed through Congress this week.
Charles Murray pushed white nationalist talking points about the "cognitive demands" of certain professions, which Carlson didn't challenge.