"It’s just, as Trump would say, mean and nasty," the tabloid’s conservative editorial board warned.
An excerpt from Michael Cohen's upcoming book is raising a lot of eyebrows.
“I know where the skeletons are buried,” he writes, “because I was the one who buried them.”
"Loser has to fund the Post Office," the New York lawmaker quipped in her challenge to the president.
Pence mocked Harris for her comments about healthy eating and climate change, vowing that red meat would be safe under his watch.
"Do you regret at all all the lying you’ve done to the American people?" a HuffPost reporter asked at the White House. Trump skipped the question.
Stark new video from the president's conservative critics shows how his words stack up against reality.
The president is warming up to the same racist attacks he used on Barack Obama.
Pennsylvania and Washington have been informed by the U.S. Postal Service that some ballots may not be delivered on time to be counted in the Nov. 3 election.
The national daily, owned by News Corp, printed a cartoon of Joe Biden referring to Harris as a "little brown girl."