The July 26 call between Trump and EU ambassador Gordon Sondland was first described during Bill Taylor's testimony Wednesday.
A tiny border town is home to hundreds of dentists and is a major destination for Americans seeking big savings on dental care.
Though unlikely to pass, the bill offers a glimpse of how a policy to slash climate-changing emissions can reduce poverty and racial inequality.
Avenatti became famous for representing Stormy Daniels in lawsuits involving President Donald Trump and his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen.
Several more witnesses are scheduled to testify in the coming week that President Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine as he pushed a probe into rival Joe Biden.
The former U.S. attorney general told Fox News he is "going to work for" Trump's endorsement of his Senate bid, adding: "I would love to have his support.”
Critics said the White House has no cogent response to the hearings because all the facts line up against Trump.
Diplomats Bill Taylor and George Kent were the first two witnesses to publicly testify in the House's impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump.
Lawmakers spent the first public hearing of the impeachment inquiry contradicting themselves and advancing confusing conspiracy theories.
“All we’re saying is when you make it big, pitch in two cents so everybody else gets a chance," the 2020 presidential candidate says in the clip.
Democratic Rep. Peter Welch snapped back when the GOP congressman ranted about the whistleblower at the impeachment hearings.
Many derided the president's son for touting his book's bestselling status in a paper his dad insists offers "fake news."
Trump made the comment alongside the president of a nation known for its imprisonment of journalists.
Gov. Matt Bevin, who lost a close election last week, waded deep into the fever swamps to amplify baseless claims of voter fraud.
A federal appeals court let stand a previous ruling in favor of lawmakers who have long been trying to obtain the president's tax records, according to media reports.
Pissi Myles said she was "flipping my wig over the high-energy proceedings" in Washington, D.C., Wednesday.
The former Massachusetts governor joins the crowded field of Democrats seeking the 2020 presidential nomination.
At the first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry, State Department officials say Rudy Giuliani's foreign policy backchannel "undercut" U.S. policy on Ukraine.