Tucker Carlson, Will Cain and John Roberts faced backlash for their commentary.
Don Winslow ripped the conservative West Virginia Democrat for conflicts of interest amid a Senate stalemate over Joe Biden's social policy agenda.
The Northern Territory leader hit Cruz with some harsh facts after the senator called Australia's COVID-19 strategy "tyranny."
The Republican governor asked "where does this end?" and received some stinging responses.
The former president tried citing executive privilege in his attempt to keep information out of the hands of those investigating the insurrection.
"Why would you do this unless you wanted to hide something? Like, ya know, not disclosing your tax returns?" one Twitter user mused.
John Roberts clarified that he is pro-vaccine and said he plans to get a COVID-19 booster shot as soon as possible.
Texas Republicans approved redrawn U.S. House maps that protect incumbents and decrease representation for minorities.
Millions of Americans could be eligible for a booster shot of a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the week, The New York Times reported.
The former State Department aide to Hillary Clinton unloaded on her ex-husband in a new memoir.