As Florida’s coronavirus vaccine distribution rolled out, white, well-off communities disproportionately received better access to the shots.
“We’re talking about the fact that 560,000 people in our country have died," the country's top infectious disease expert told CNN.
Journalist E. Jean Carroll's attorneys argue that's both "wrong and dangerous."
“The time to act is not later, but now," said a community leader.
But the conservative Republican member of Congress still vows to push Donald Trump's "America First agenda with my congressional colleagues."
The Missouri Republican says it's Democrats who use mobs and tell big lies and try to overturn elections. Weird!
Washington is currently the only state that allows human composting.
The CNN anchor showed a map detailing mass shootings in the last month alone, reeling off the killings one by one.
GOP Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar appear to be behind the group that aims to push "uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions."
The significant change since the Electoral College count indicates businesses are serious about their threats to rethink support, The Wall Street Journal finds.