Just two weeks after the Capitol riot inspired by their own voter fraud lies, Republicans say the new president's policies are dividing the nation.
Marjorie Taylor Greene posted the hashtag on Thursday evening and by Friday morning, it had been overtaken by photos of Korean pop stars.
Instead of acting as a safeguard, SCOTUS rubber-stamped the administration’s killings, sidestepping issues fundamental to the legality of the death penalty.
Twitter jokesters were quickly aroused by the hard news.
"The moment you bring a gun onto the House floor in violation of rules, you put everyone around you in danger," the New York lawmaker told CNN's Chris Cuomo.
The "Morning Joe" co-host spotlighted two particularly egregious segments on the widely watched conservative network.
The House will transmit the article of impeachment against former President Donald Trump on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced.
A new HuffPost tally finds over 20 GOP state and local lawmakers or officials were at the D.C. rally that turned into a violent insurrection. Here are their names.
Kevin Strong reportedly believed that the insurrection on Jan. 6 would lead to World War III.
Sen. Stephen Huffman was appointed to the state's Senate Health Committee despite questioning whether “the colored population” was disproportionately contracting the coronavirus because of their hygiene.