But he did add ominously: "Let's see what happens on that."
The former president's words are used against him in the montage.
Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego said many GOP lawmakers now "treating Capitol Police like s**t" were frightened during the insurrection.
"I don't care that you don't care," Goldberg snapped on "The View."
The Proud Boys leader is also peddling "Impeach 45" garb, according to The Wall Street Journal.
Republican Ronny Jackson thinks the president should follow in Trump's footsteps to “document and demonstrate sound mental abilities.”
A federal grand jury charged Guy Reffitt with transporting firearms knowing they'd be used unlawfully "in furtherance of a civil disorder.”
The West Virginia Democrat again expressed hope that "there’s enough good Republicans" who will support a bipartisan outcome on federal voting changes.
A state's assistant attorney general, in a profane rant, appeared to threaten a local council member's political career for the doorbell ring.
On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously to allow a Philadelphia-based foster care agency to reject LGBTQ parents on the basis of religious freedom.