A 54-second clip honoring fallen American soldiers prompted a backlash on Twitter.
Mick Mulvaney, the one-time acting White House chief of staff, envisioned how the next presidential election will go down.
The Florida governor’s two-day trip to the leadoff caucus state comes after a stumbling online announcement that formalized his entry into the GOP field.
The conspiracy theorist lawmaker's holiday Twitter post had a key problem.
“We will manage this process with the weight and reverence it deserves and requires,” a Republican lawmaker said Monday.
The president said plenty — without saying much at all.
The Connecticut Democrat said that the GOP's handling of the federal debt negotiations is "terrible for the country and for our reputation abroad."
Biden lauded the sacrifice of generations of U.S. troops who died fighting for their country as he marked Memorial Day with a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.
The former president has a long history of making offensive and insulting comments about military members, despite never serving himself.
Officials with China's burgeoning space program say they plan to place astronauts on the moon before 2030 and expand their space station.