The legislation passed unanimously on Tuesday after Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) dropped his objection.
The president and his allies pushed senior Justice Department officials to overturn the election results and keep him in power, documents show.
"President Biden must have the opportunity to nominate a successor without delay," reads their ad.
But other Republicans are said to have concerns with the bill, complicating its future in the Senate.
The former GOP House member blamed "leftist provocateurs" for encouraging the Capitol attack. There's no sign he entered the building.
Unemployed workers say in their lawsuit that Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb (R) violated state law by ending the benefits early.
The Fox News host and GOP Sen. Ron Johnson had a kooky discussion about the coronavirus pandemic.
The new filing undermines what President Biden has publicly said about his support for ending the death penalty.
GOP Senate candidates across the country are hoping the former president forgets their past attacks.
The Senate majority leader was discussing people with developmental disabilities.