Gaetz responded to the nation’s highest-ranking military officer by dismissively shaking his head.
Anna Morgan-Lloyd told the court she “felt ashamed that something meant to show support for the President had turned violent."
A court decision in a case regarding a Federal Housing Finance Agency director could open the door for President Joe Biden to replace Commissioner Andrew Saul.
Graydon Young is part of a group of Oath Keepers facing charges related to the Capitol riot. He's the first to reach a plea deal with the feds.
The Rhode Island Democrat said he's been assured the club has nonwhite club members and that its improving diversity remains a priority.
The president on Wednesday announced 16 other nominations for key roles in his administration.
Ethnic minorities account for about 13% of the U.K. population but only 8.5% of the Royal Household staff.
“We’re excited about the possibility here,” the civil rights attorney said.
The vice president has faced relentless criticism from Republicans for not visiting the border in recent months.
Millions of parents will soon receive monthly payments worth as much as $300 per child. It's already going a long way.