A new report reveals how many clinics have closed their doors or pivoted to other services after the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision.
The Republican U.S. Senate candidate claimed to have no idea who the woman could be. But apparently she's the mother of one of his kids.
“As everyone knows, I had a real battle with mental health, even wrote a book about it. And by the grace of God, I’ve overcome it,” Walker said.
He made the comment during what looked like a laid-back exchange with Fort Myers Beach's mayor while touring the area damaged by Hurricane Ian.
The Florida governor, who has joined in the "Let’s go Brandon" insult for a year, is asking the object of his derision for federal money after Hurricane Ian.
"I took him to see his dad [in prison], and he was giddy and was so excited,” Hillary Clinton's longtime aide told The Wall Street Journal.
"They don't care about the lives here," the Florida governor said in a bizarre accusation following Hurricane Ian.
The Georgia prosecutor investigating whether former President Donald Trump and his allies broke the law trying to overturn his 2020 election loss.
Joseph Brody allegedly entered Nancy Pelosi’s office during last year's insurrection. Months later, he campaigned for Virginia's now-governor.
The GOP Senate candidate has a long string of exaggerations about his record.