America, we got lucky. On the laundry list of things Donald Trump has been terrible at, transforming our country into a fascist autocracy was only the latest.
“America’s governor” has walked on water for 10 years. Now he’s facing a crisis of his own making.
CPAC head Matt Schlapp angrily denied any resemblance and touted the organization's excellent relationship with the Jewish community.
"This is the most money he's ever made," notes Trump's former pal and current critic.
The move came after legislative leaders assailed Cuomo’s plan to appoint a retired federal judge to conduct the probe.
Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar took the stage right after former Rep. Steve King, who called on Americans to "restore" the country "with our babies" and "our values."
Trump’s election lies inspired new voter restrictions that could be nullified if Democrats pass the For The People Act.
Republicans — and Democrats — are calling for an independent and transparent examination of the allegations.
The government regulator approved a third vaccine to battle the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. — and it's the only one so far to require just one dose.
A new website for the ex-president's Save America committee lets him resume collecting money from his millions of small-dollar donors — money he can use largely however he wants.