A look inside QAnon’s virtual inauguration watch party, which went horribly wrong.
The right-wing media figure denied to FBI agents that he was involved in any planning for the attack on the Capitol, but admitted entering the building.
The senator, who wore massive mittens and cradled a Manila envelope, looked like he was just running an everyday errand.
Eugene Goodman accompanied the incoming vice president Wednesday as part of his new role as acting deputy Senate sergeant-at-arms.
He called for national unity as Donald Trump's rocky presidency came to an end.
One person told the former White House adviser point-blank: "You lost. Decency won. Go away."
Delaware journalist Patricia Talorico captured the emotional photo just as President Joe Biden was delivering his first speech after being sworn in.
Even after the Village People asked him to stop using their song, Trump did anyway in a scene people called "surreal" and like a "fever dream."
The 1,200-mile oil pipeline is one of several Trump environmental policies that President Joe Biden is expected to reverse.
"Dear Joe, Man Person TV Airplane Me Bye-Bye," one person speculated the ex-president wrote.