Judge Aileen Cannon's reported appointment seems like good news for Trump given rulings she issued in his favor and in opposition to the Justice Department.
The Fox News host turned up the volume to bellow his objections after Trump was indicted over his handling of government documents.
The Utah senator previously criticized Trump's first indictment regarding a $130,000 hush money payment to a porn star.
The former president failed to understand a key responsibility in the White House, said Timothy Naftali.
Ari Melber slipped some lines from "A Lot" into his commentary on Trump's mounting legal woes.
Hawley joined the conservative outcry with wild accusations against President Joe Biden, but a House member delivered a precise clapback.
The environmental activist is graduating so won’t “technically” be school striking anymore. But she vowed to continue protesting, saying: "The fight has only just begun.”
The California governor slammed McCarthy, who questioned his proposal for a "28th Amendment" to tackle gun violence in the U.S.
“It’s the right thing ... but there’s danger involved,” a Democratic House member said, citing concerns for the safety of lawmakers and everyday Americans.
The tabloid has a long history of slamming the former president on its front page.