They likely can’t stop her confirmation, but they can make Republicans pay a political price.
The bombshell New York Times report was published just days ahead of the president's debate with Joe Biden.
Paying his children as "outside consultants" was one of many ways Trump avoided paying taxes, according to a major New York Times investigation.
The longtime educator refused to "even go there" when CNN's Jake Tapper asked her about Joe Biden's "occasional" slips.
Cantwell, 39, is also expected to face a civil trial for his role in the white supremacist violence that engulfed Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017.
Trump characteristically pushed tax-avoidance strategies to the limit, perhaps to the breaking point.
When it comes to the president, there's always a tweet that can come back to bite.
The president's former personal attorney pointed to passage in his book describing a "delighted" Donald Trump gloating about a $10 million refund.
The former Trump campaign manager was arrested Sunday following a standoff with police.
In his new book, “Wicked Game,” Trump’s former deputy campaign manager wrote that the president even polled the idea twice.