The official document contains some unofficial wording that might be stretching things a bit.
The American Rescue Plan transforms a sleepy tax credit into a child allowance for the vast majority of families.
The court without comment rejected Trump’s appeal challenging thousands of absentee ballots filed in Wisconsin, bringing a muted end to his quest.
A 2017 legal interpretation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act “allowed industry to kill birds with impunity," a Biden administration official said Monday.
After speaking at a white nationalist "America First" conference recently, the Arizona congressman appears to be doubling down on his support of the group.
The Senate-passed COVID-19 relief bill includes more than $31.2 billion for tribal governments and Native American communities.
The president will also sign an executive order establishing a Gender Policy Council within the executive office.
In an Axios interview, the Republican senator admitted the former president has a "dark side."
Protesters torched their PPE and had their kids join in the bizarre demonstration outside the state Capitol in Boise.
The president has temporarily paused the $23 billion weapons package. His final decision will show if he's serious about building a more progressive foreign policy.