The American Rescue Plan includes $1,400 direct payments, $300 weekly unemployment benefits until September and hundreds of billions of dollars in aid.
Atlanta lawyer John Floyd wrote a national guide on prosecuting state racketeering cases. Now his focus will be on Trump.
GOP lawmakers are desperately trying to deflect blame away from Donald Trump and themselves.
"So what's the point? Forgive me if I am confused."
The big story isn't what Biden and Democratic leaders gave away. It's what they got and the boost it provides future efforts.
The critical coronavirus relief bill got closer to passage after Senate leaders and key moderate Sen. Joe Manchin struck a deal on jobless benefits.
"I think he’s doing just fine without social media," claimed the former White House press secretary and new contributor for Fox News.
Fox News is now “leaning even more heavily into its buffet of culture war cuisine,” said CNN’s Brianna Keilar.
Millions of Americans would benefit from the provision in the Senate bill, which could become law as early as next week.
The governor's vaccine distribution plan excludes most incarcerated people even though they are uniquely vulnerable to the coronavirus.