The outgoing president has chosen to communicate with the American people largely by video statement since the Capitol riot.
“The mob was fed lies,” says the leader of Senate Republicans.
The most unpopular first lady in polling history got a predictably snarky response.
Republican leaders in Congress will reportedly attend church with Biden instead of witnessing Trump's formal send-off at Joint Base Andrews.
The two service members are connected to right-wing militia groups, according to officials. No plot against the president-elect was found.
Federal agents found photos and videos of Tam Dinh Pham inside the U.S. Capitol in his deleted images folder.
The secretary of state lumped multiculturalism in with "woke-ism" as agents of U.S. downfall.
Readers can now buy the February issue of the magazine -- featuring a more formal shot of the vice president-elect -- online.
The "Fox & Friends" co-host tries to describe Trump's alleged industriousness, and Twitter just can't.
Now that they've charged most of the "low-hanging fruit," the tougher work begins.