“I think the Senate is tough, actually. The Senate is very tough,” Trump told donors.
Pence aide Marty Obst reportedly tested positive earlier this week.
"It won't be so exhausting, just having a normal president," former President Barack Obama told a Florida crowd.
Biden pledged that he will avoid the partisan blaming of Donald Trump, even as Trump supporters heckled him at an event in Pennsylvania on Saturday.
The former Senate leader has been among the most high-level political voices favoring to end the 60-vote threshold for legislation.
The Republican senator said she opposes an election-year Supreme Court appointment, but she's voting to confirm Barrett anyway.
New York voters waited in long lines on the first day of early voting in their state. Voters also flooded polling sites in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Alabama and elsewhere.
The president disputes facts about an alarming COVID-19 surge as a plot to sow fear ahead of the election.
Biden and Trump are currently neck-and-neck in the polls in Georgia, a state that hasn’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1992.
Twitter users did a double-take at the Republican National Committee's post.