The conservative network's senior political analyst slammed the president's latest Twitter tantrum as "ridiculous."
He was also tied up at campaign rallies, jamming people together, says Lincoln Project attack video.
The former president has a warning -- and it seems to be directed at his successor.
Most churches are livestreaming Easter Sunday services -- but some are planning to defy government restrictions on in-person gatherings.
“No one has forgotten or will ever forget what you said and did," she tweeted, quoting the president's past insults against her late father, Sen. John McCain.
The presumptive Democratic nominee is moving to the left, not the center, and proposing student debt relief as a way to win over Sanders voters.
When the coronavirus hurt cruise giant Carnival Corporation, the Saudi crown prince's fund stepped in to help its founder: a longtime Trump associate.
She was among the first same-sex couples to marry in California when it became legal.
HuffPost found that the evangelical college led by Jerry Falwell Jr. gave little to no information to students in the early weeks of March, flouting CDC guidelines.
The senator suspended his presidential campaign in the middle of a public health emergency, but is extending insurance benefits almost until the general election.
Neysi Salvador-Aguiar, a physician from Cuba, told HuffPost that the Irwin County detention center wasn't taking enough measures to prevent the spread of the virus.
"Tell that to your old man before you tell it to us," one person responded to the first lady.
The pressers were "boring" and Trump's outbursts "notably off-key," the conservative newspaper's board wrote in a critical column.
Leilani Jordan, a 27-year-old with cerebral palsy, died after being infected by the coronavirus. She'd worked at a Giant Food in Maryland for six years.
The attorney general also called state and city lockdowns "draconian," and suggested they be rolled back by early May.
It’s too early to think about life after the pandemic, infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said, urging Americans to continue social distancing.
Emily Maitlis is a hit on social media for dispelling the idea that the pandemic is a “great leveler” in which “everyone, rich or poor, suffers the same."
More than 400 sailors on the Theodore Roosevelt have tested positive for coronavirus after Crozier raised an alarm. Modly is now in quarantine.
“It is all about how much we just don’t know yet,” warned Dr. Greta Bauer in a new column for The New York Times.
Former Rep. Joe Walsh put the president on notice: "He lied about the virus."