The president's niece also suggested how Biden should tackle Trump's lies.
“He also lies about everything from crowd sizes to injecting disinfectant, so there’s that,” added anchor John Berman.
The White House press secretary's praise of the president on Twitter backfired.
“Misinformation is a virus unto itself. And Fox News is the vector," warned Brianna Keilar.
The president reportedly delighted that he’d no longer “have to shake hands with these disgusting people" because of the coronavirus pandemic.
"Dana, have you been able to read the book? The evidence is overwhelming," the "Rage" author told Dana Perino.
During a year of unprecedented educational upheaval, experts are fearing that kids are going to start leaving school and not coming back.
Josh Venable joined REPAIR, a group of former and current Trump administration officials who oppose the president's reelection.
The Republican and former college football coach stumbled when asked his position on the landmark 1965 civil rights law.
A surge in infections in some countries has led to a rapid rise in global cases of COVID-19.