Twitter users mocked the New York congresswoman for praising Medicare and Medicaid without realizing they're forms of socialism.
Right-wing Ohio Senate candidate lashed Kamala Harris, AOC, Pete Buttigieg as "childless cat ladies" who aren't pumping out ... wage slaves?
Critics accused Donald Trump's son of hypocrisy and playing the victim with his complaint about the "weaponization of politics."
A judge told a member of the far-right Proud Boys in a hearing: “We have a virus that is killing people — why is it so hard to wear a mask?”
Democrats failed to push through an extension before heading off on Congress's summer recess. The Missouri lawmaker invites them to her campout.
The Treasury Department must turn over the former president's tax returns to a congressional committee, according to the legal opinion.
Adm. Brett Girior also had a message for people who think they're protected with natural immunity from a previous infection.
The eviction moratorium expires Saturday night. The White House said it will not extend it on its own.
Revelations about the funders raises even more red flags over the secretive Cyber Ninjas presidential election recount.