Jaylen Smith won a runoff election to lead the town of Earle, Arkansas.
The Fox News hosts consoled each other after Herschel Walker's Georgia runoff defeat and their critics loved it.
The report will be published on the same day the panel is set to vote on criminal referrals.
Greene also claimed Herschel Walker's loss in a runoff election was a “disaster in Georgia."
Republican state Rep. Joe Harding is accused of illegally obtaining or trying to obtain $150,000 in COVID relief funds.
“There’s a cost that comes with his endorsement," Governor Asa Hutchinson said.
The president spoke at the National Vigil for All Victims of Gun Violence — nearly 10 years after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.
The private consortium that writes the nation’s codes sided with industry over Biden. A new push to clean up federal buildings may put pressure on builders.
With Raphael Warnock's win, Joe Biden did something we have not seen since FDR.
Amid swift backlash, the extremist Republican then deleted his tweet.