Spoiler alert: It's not what the White House said it was.
Several on-air personalities and the Fox News president shared a private flight with a passenger who later tested positive for COVID-19.
“I think we have enough of an interview here," the president said.
As of Sunday, there were more than 8.6 million confirmed infections in the U.S., with deaths climbing to over 225,000.
"He’s going to burn it all down, sow more chaos and division because that’s where he succeeds," the president's niece predicted.
“I think that’s incumbent on the press to start investigating" the fact-challenged GOP attack on Hunter Biden, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel said. "That's not my job."
The United States in the past two days has registered its highest number of new COVID-19 cases – about 84,000 on Friday and about 79,900 on Saturday.
A total of 58.6 million ballots have been cast so far, according to The Associated Press.
"It helps change the perception of who can do what, because that is still part of the battle after all."