Trump's claim about a "standing order" that automatically declassified documents he took home is false, according to many of his former administration officials.
President Joe Biden insists he intends to seek reelection in 2024.
Tallahassee U.S. District Judge Mark Walker said that the act violates the First Amendment and is impermissibly vague.
Republicans seem to be having a devil of a time trying to beat the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate in Pennsylvania.
While Trump had publicly called for the document’s release, he took no position on the matter in a court case brought by media organizations.
“I agree,” said Michael Hayden, in response to a journalist who covers extremism describing Republicans as "nihilistic" and "contemptible."
When asked later for an explanation about the comment, Paladino said he was "just being facetious."
Allen Weisselberg admitted to 15 counts he was charged with, but did not agree to disclose any information on Trump himself.
The Fox News host made the senseless comment as he piled on the Wyoming lawmaker after her blowout loss to Harriet Hageman.
Kemp, ordered to appear before a Fulton County special grand jury on Thursday, said the timing interferes with the gubernatorial election.