Book bans are on the rise nationally, with nearly half those prohibitions happening in Florida school districts.
Tom Cotton said Menendez should be judged by jurors and voters, "not by Democratic politicians who now view him as inconvenient to their hold on power.”
“We’re in this to reach young people, to energize young people, and to do that, we can’t just hide,” Ramaswamy said in his first post earlier this month.
Sen. John Fetterman said the bill is aimed to "cancel the nation’s student meal debt and stop humiliating kids and penalizing hunger."
"Stick with it, because you deserve the significant raise you need and other benefits," he said.
GOP leaders have warned their colleagues that a shutdown is a political loser. But early numbers show the public may just blame everyone.
The former Democratic senator said she's stunned that Trump wasn't "totally lambasted by every Republican elected official."
The far-right Arizona lawmaker went off in a diatribe against Army Gen. Mark Milley but managed to include multiple anti-gay insults.
"I believe stepping down is best for those Senator Menendez has spent his life serving," Booker said of his fellow New Jersey Democrat.
With no noted dissent, the high court allowed a special master to continue working on a new map for the state with greater representation for Black voters.