The Ohio congressman was called out on Twitter for a key omission.
Mike Lindell has a very unusual definition of "free speech."
“We’re asking for people to understand the pain, the violence, the brutality, the chattel-ness of what we went through," Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said.
Neil Cavuto was not prepared for what the Wyoming congresswoman had to say about the former president.
Joel Greenberg made more than 150 payments to dozens of women, including a minor, The Daily Beast reported.
Kristen Clarke informed Sen. John Cornyn that the line in the op-ed he'd dug up was satirical.
The Fox News host went there after ex-Officer Kim Potter was charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of Daunte Wright.
After the Fox News host doubled down on the “great replacement" conspiracy theory, white nationalists were excited at what it could mean for their movement.
A super PAC is attacking Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, now a Senate candidate, over carrying a shotgun to detain a Black jogger in 2013.
Donald Trump's daughter told The Associated Press that “getting vaccinated is our best way to beat this virus and protect ourselves and others.”