Some of the most important work that went into Joe Biden’s new law took place before he even became president.
The law addresses issues like the ongoing climate crisis and the cost of prescription drugs for seniors.
A federal judge has ruled that abortions are no longer legal after 20 weeks of pregnancy in North Carolina.
Hosted by the National Archives, the site notes Trump was impeached for “having incited an insurrection.”
Anchor Shaun Kraisman asked point blank: “Is Dr. Oz relatable to the everyday hard-working Americans there in Pennsylvania?”
The former first son-in-law's "Breaking History" offers a selective view of his time in the White House.
Rochelle Walensky announced a "reset" for the organization amid public criticisms over its response to the coronavirus and monkeypox.
Trump’s hold over the GOP is as strong as ever as he weighs another presidential run in 2024.
The former vice president said such an appearance would be "unprecedented."
A judge ordered Giuliani to appear before a special grand jury in an investigation into possible illegal attempts to influence the 2020 election in Georgia.