A federal appeals court ruled Friday against one of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's aggressive measures aimed at stopping migrants from entering the U.S. illegally.
The special election for the New York Republican's still-warm congressional seat has major implications for 2024.
The New York Republican was finally expelled from the chamber after a brief and scandalous tenure.
“George Santos is a symptom of a disease festering within his party," one Democrat said.
Even in a place as bitterly divided as the U.S. House, nothing brings people together like dunking on someone else.
The court rejected Trump's appeal to dismiss lawsuits brought by congressmen and police officers seeking civil damages over the Capitol insurrection.
GOP Rep. Max Miller of Ohio made the allegation not long before Santos was expelled from Congress.
The controversial former member of Congress has apparently gone from “Rep.” to “RIP.”
But Cinde Warmington said her work on the New Hampshire Executive Council, where she is the sole Democrat, speaks for itself.
The House voted to eject the New York Republican after its ethics panel alleged he spent campaign money on Botox, designer fashion and other personal items.