Ken Harbaugh, an old friend of Eric Greitens, calls the Missouri Senate candidate "a broken man, who will do anything, including inciting violence, to regain power."
Moving four abortion clinics will require major fundraising, the clinic network said.
The WNBA player has been detained in Russia for four months.
The department has authority to prohibit "unfair or deceptive" airline practices.
The news comes after Cassidy Hutchinson testified that Cipollone expressed serious concerns about the legality of Donald Trump's actions in the final days of his presidency.
Medicare negotiations for lower prescription prices have become the cornerstone of a new domestic policy bill.
The president bestowed the nation’s highest military honor to the four Army soldiers for going above and beyond the call of duty during the Vietnam War.
The Fox News host responded to the Highland Park shooting with a bizarre set of reasons why it isn't about guns.
“Yesterday should have been the day to come together with family and friends to celebrate," the vice president said in Chicago before going to Highland Park.