The bill would nearly triple funding for the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division over 10 years.
Emhoff ripped Trump’s language and dubious personal connections after watching a video of him criticizing Jewish people who support Joe Biden.
Alcohol is still more widely used, but 2022 was the first time this intensive level of marijuana use overtook daily and near-daily drinking,
The House speaker, an evangelical in a special “covenant marriage,” spoke up, though, against the ex-president’s trial.
The quarterback said he was given an ultimatum while being courted to be the independent presidential candidate's number two.
Not only has Biden confirmed more judges than Trump had done by this point in his presidency, but he's infused the nation’s courts with astounding diversity.
Crockett is one of multiple first-term Democrats on the House oversight committee who are turning the tables on pugnacious Republicans.
Republicans spread disinformation about abortion later in pregnancy, and many Democrats are uncomfortable discussing it. But thousands of people each year get later care.
The voting software company filed a defamation lawsuit against the right-wing network in 2021.
Academic workers have walked off the job to protest the crackdown on campus demonstrations. The university claims the work stoppage is illegal.