As Trump backs down from his “Stop the Steal” hoax, the supporters he radicalized are vowing to carry on the fight without him.
The first lady wanted to celebrate her "Be Best" campaign, but Twitter users said, "Be gone."
The National Rifle Association said it plans to restructure in Texas as it faces a mountain of legal challenges.
It's the first known contact between the elected members of the outgoing and incoming administrations.
Their religion-centered, anti-Democrat, anti-science, anti-multicultural message mirrors the Christian nationalism seen at the U.S. Capitol riot.
Many who stormed the Capitol appeared to employ tactics, body armor, and technology similar to the police they battled.
Congress could transform boring annual tax credits into exciting monthly checks for people with children.
Jake Angeli’s attorney claimed Donald Trump had “an obligation” to pardon his client, who he said "loved" the president.
There was a distinctly Christian nationalist presence at the U.S. Capitol riot. Some leaders are trying to publicly reject it -- but others are staying silent.