The sweeping reform bill would nullify the new wave of voter restrictions that Republicans are pushing at the state level.
"Maybe you missed it while in Cancun but Biden has not done anything to cancel book publication. Nada. Nothing. Zilch," one person hit back on Twitter.
They complained the case against Trump was a waste of time. Now that it's over, they're focusing on Dr. Seuss, cancel culture and Mr. Potato Head.
Gov. Greg Abbott did not speak with three of his four COVID-19 medical advisers before the move, according to reports.
The lies Trump told at CPAC about the election and his record were not new, but his request for supporters to give money to his new political committee was a first.
Texas and Mississippi dropped restrictions this week, a move Fauci called "ill-advised."
A "Photoshop Battle" broke out over the Wisconsin Republican's out-of-this-world explainer graphic.
The CNN anchor took the former vice president to task over an op-ed in which he pushed the lie about election fraud.
The $1.9 trillion plan is broadly popular, but that isn't stopping GOP members of Congress from lining up against it.