The influential evangelical leader said in a slurred voice, "I’ve apologized to everybody and I promised my kids, I’m gonna try to be a good boy from here on out.”
With coronavirus reshaping the party conventions, the president said he is considering using the White House for his campaign speech, which is likely illegal.
The nation's top infectious disease expert said he "wouldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams" that people would threaten him over public health principles.
The new spot uses altered images of the former vice president.
It's the first time a Trump post has been removed from the site for COVID-19 misinformation, Facebook said.
The president is openly using ‘official’ events, Air Force 1 and federal employees to attack Democrats and spread his reelection message.
Many supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders are pushing back against Joe Biden's advisers' track records of supporting military intervention.
No, the massive anti-racism movement did not start with protesters calling for police officers to "fry like bacon."
"Being rich doesn’t require skill, a pandemic response does," the conservative Lincoln Project's new spot says.
The state was the last to ban people convicted of felonies from voting or holding public office for life.