The U.S. admitted less than a quarter of the refugees it could have in fiscal year 2022.
Time is running out for a vote, and there's an apparent lack of consensus on specifics and muted opposition from lawmakers who think the restriction is not needed.
Officers failed to safely restrain Randy Cox while he was handcuffed in the back of a police van in June, the suit alleges.
Groups affiliated with the Democratic Party went on air against Republican candidates for secretary of state running on Trump's election fraud lies.
"It’s more important than ever to fight like hell for those who need these essential services," Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom said.
Paxton said the "suspicious and erratic" process server is lucky he didn't get hurt.
Five members of the far-right extremist group are accused of trying to stop the peaceful transfer of presidential power.
Republicans took their revenge on Democrat Manchin over his vote last month for Democrats' big climate and health law, the Inflation Reduction Act.
Fiona battered the U.S. territory with 85 mph winds, knocking out power to the entire island and bringing back memories of 2017’s Hurricane Maria.
"Obviously this means the lawyer must have given Trump actual legal advice," mused one social media wit.