Trump's debate message was more than just a shoutout to hate groups, the president's niece warned.
CNN host and Texas senator get loud as segment flies off the rails.
The Holy See said Pope Francis does not meet with political figures in election periods.
The presidential debate commission says it will soon adopt changes to its format after Trump repeatedly interrupted Biden and the moderator during the first debate.
Peter Navarro tried to blame Chris Wallace for Trump's failure to denounce white supremacists.
The California lawmaker relentlessly grilled the former Celgene CEO for earning bonuses off the backs of cancer patients.
Less than 12 hours after the wild debate concluded, Biden called Trump's behavior in the prime-time confrontation a “a national embarrassment."
A proposal for a Republican-run committee to investigate the election could be the first step to handing the state's electors to Trump.
The former campaign manager was involuntarily hospitalized last weekend. His wife has said allegations of domestic violence were misconstrued.
When the Supreme Court handed George W. Bush the White House, Jennifer Berdahl knew democracy was broken.