The "Fox & Friends" personality linked the world's woes with Harris flipping a coin for the kickoff of a game featuring her alma mater, Howard University.
Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade.
"I’m not talking about him, but yet he still wants to talk about the Sept. 29, 2020 debate," the Fox News host said.
Abbott has built a $55 million war chest, but his popularity is sinking over his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and embrace of hard-right politics.
Billionaires pretty much get a pass in the tax-hike proposal, even though their wealth has increased 62% in the pandemic, wrote the former U.S. labor secretary.
The Texas governor's growing unpopularity opens doors for challenges by Matthew McConaughey and ex-congressman Beto O'Rourke, Dallas Morning News reports.
The CNN host asked GOP Gov. Tate Reeves if he planned to do anything differently to contain his state's devastating outbreak.
The ruling is a setback for immigration reform advocates working on behalf of the country's nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants.
For Trump to say that “our hearts and minds are with these people — this violent mob — is just despicable," said Brian Sicknick's partner, Sandra Garza.
The city has been slow in getting assistance out the door as a key deadline approaches.