Several people reportedly required medical attention as the temperature dipped below freezing.
In a new Vanity Fair interview, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed there was more to the story after GOP Rep. Ted Yoho called her a "f**king bitch."
Miles Taylor, who helped enforce Trump’s child separation policy, had previously only been described as a senior official.
Fox News may have had enough of the South Carolina senator's desperate bids for cash.
The South Carolina senator has latched himself to an unpopular president he once derided as racist and unfit for office. Now, he’s running as Trump’s top defender.
Trump’s leadership is “a threat to the rule of law in our country," the GOP former prosecutors wrote in an open letter slamming the president.
The biggest difference would be simply returning to time-tested public health measures. That doesn’t mean it will be easy.
The former adviser repeatedly warned BBC Newsnight's Emily Maitlis to "let me finish" as she tried to question him.
Trump's personal attorney ranted and screamed at Fox Business host Kennedy for asking about the provenance of his Hunter Biden smears.
The Fox News host went on a blame rant as a COVID-19 resurgence was infecting more than 70,000 people per day.