“I think that was what upset him the most," the New York Times reporter told "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert.
The former House speaker offered up a bizarre defense of the Senate candidate.
The former president's legal team “made the mistake of using a word that they have not used before," said "The Last Word” anchor.
Prosecutors cannot present the evidence at the upcoming trial of an analyst who served as a primary source for Christopher Steele's report.
The Georgia Republican accused the transportation secretary of trying to “emasculate the way we drive” by supporting electric cars.
Democrats have spent millions calling Walker a domestic abuser.
In her second full day of hearings, the new justice sought to set the historical record straight by arguing in support of a race-conscious Voting Rights Act.
The conservative justices will hear a case that might pave the way for companies to pursue claims against unions over work stoppages.
From tech companies to Merrick Garland to Anthony Fauci, the list of investigation targets for the House GOP is long.
A Republican operative involved in attacking Fetterman claimed there is “nothing at all inconsistent” about the two-pronged strategy.