David Hosier, who is weeks away from execution, is in a hospital after suffering what a Missouri Department of Corrections spokeswoman described as a “medical emergency."
A dispatch from a key battleground state.
Taylor Rogers said officers “tortured” her as her 9-year-old son watched during a 2021 arrest.
Republican lawmakers in North Carolina are pushing forward with their plan to repeal a pandemic-era law that allowed the wearing of masks in public for health reasons.
The congresswoman took the senator to task for a comment about her run-in with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene this week.
In trying to argue that nondisclosure agreements are common and legal, Trump contradicted his lawyers' story that he wasn’t aware of the deal.
“The Court is in an ethical crisis of its own making," Durbin said in response to an upside-down U.S. flag that flew at the home of Supreme Court Justice Alito.
The letter from Reps. Robert Garcia and Dan Goldman followed HuffPost’s disclosure of Border Patrol’s widespread use of slurs and jokes about killing migrant children.
Katy Tur said the former president's entourage had "a mean girl quality to their presence."