Customer service, enforcement both seeing revamps with money from 2022’s Inflation Reduction Act.
"Does Fox have an entrance exam to make sure you're stupid enough to host 8pm?" asked MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell in response.
The sharp rise in security fears has raised further questions about the viability of the two-decade American military presence in Iraq.
Stephanie Grisham also recalled a telling telephone call the former president made about his wife.
The former president was called out on social media for a brazen new boast.
It's "kind of going to be the whole ball game," said Elie Mystal.
The Good Liars offered some blunt readings from a bible that could only come from the former president.
The Maryland Democrat knocked the former president's "people" for attempting to "trivialize and diminish" the meaning of the upcoming trial.
George Stephanopoulos pressed the New Hampshire governor, once a staunch Trump critic, about his past comments on the former president.
The former president tried to describe the turning point of the Civil War. It didn't go well.