While mass shootings multiplied, the Texas governor liberalized firearm access.
Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) just signed a bill that bans abortion at fertilization and uses the same enforcement mechanism as Texas' six-week ban.
Immediately following the shooting, disinformation began to spread online and was amplified by Republicans with big followings.
The NRA and friends got this much power through a combination of anger and patience. Their opponents may need to do the same.
The conservative justices could strike down a New York law, endangering basic gun safety measures in huge swaths of the country.
“Every time one of these tragedies occurs … we fail to look back at the root causes of rampage violence,” said the GOP senator.
But they're pretty sure it's not because of all those guns.
The understaffed agency was buffeted by a headquarters relocation. Now workers are hoping a union can strengthen their hand.
GOP Gov. Greg Abbott said what Texans need "now more than ever is our love" after a gunman killed 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde.
Witnesses told a House panel Trump expressed approval of his supporters chanting “hang Mike Pence,” during the Capitol attack.