Harris is not worried about a possible Trump run in 2024 as she speaks up for small businesses at a D.C. holiday market.
The job is "hers if she wants it," an insider told the London Times.
Pennsylvania's highest court dismissed a lawsuit filed by Rep. Mike Kelly and other Republicans who'd questioned the legitimacy of the state's election results.
Elected officials are spending the last of a spring federal COVID relief package as an end-of-year deadline approaches.
The challenges will be as much logistical as they'll be scientific.
“He is a profoundly incompetent person, a loser," author Michael D’Antonio said of the president.
Reddit users weren't kidding around with their reworkings of the president's Thanksgiving scene.
“Of all Donald Trump’s scandals, supporting white supremacists should have been the easiest to avoid."
Twitter users turned the tabloid's tweet against itself.