Lower vaccination rates were critical to the death-rate difference, say researchers.
Former President Donald Trump has been uncharacteristically quiet about the expected decision on Roe.
Court documents present a portrait of a celebrity spokesman who overstated his role in a for-profit program that is alleged to have preyed upon veterans.
A meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Budapest kicked off this week with prominent American conservatives in attendance.
The first-term progressive plans to run in a new seat in New York City instead.
The former president wants Republican Gov. Brian Kemp gone for refusing to go along with the "big lie" — and could end up helping Stacey Abrams.
The montage from MSNBC's Ari Melber "illustrates the GOP's pivot away from policy and toward trolling."
“There are some conservative political figures that will hint about this theory or speak about it in code," said 9News' Kyle Clark. Boebert is not one of them.
“Hi Rep. Boebert — Ask Rep Cawthorn about us. We look forwarding [sic] to getting to know you," American Muckrakers PAC wrote in an ominous tweet.