"So what's the point? Forgive me if I am confused."
Hand gestures are commonplace in the Senate, but Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is getting flack for the way she voted against a $15 minimum wage.
Fox News is now “leaning even more heavily into its buffet of culture war cuisine,” said CNN’s Brianna Keilar.
No congressional member can serve who has taken an oath to support the Constitution and then engaged in insurrection, noted the California Democrat.
"I think he’s doing just fine without social media," claimed the former White House press secretary and new contributor for Fox News.
McCain attacked Biden's "Neanderthal thinking" critique of ending mask mandates — yet previously defended Trump calling people "animals."
"I was there. I heard" the office director say, "I can’t believe I’m doing this for you," Charlotte Bennett, a former aide to the New York governor, told CBS News.
The agreement paves the way for President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill to move forward in the Senate.
GOP lawmakers are desperately trying to deflect blame away from Donald Trump and themselves.