The Florida congressman said he is being accused of paying for "naughty favors" and claimed the allegations are similar to legislators who write earmarks into bills. He's very wrong.
"His continued attacks on the Constitution and the rule of law is dangerous and we all have an obligation to stand up against that,” she said.
Carter, a Republican from Ooltewah in eastern Tennessee, announced his cancer diagnosis in November.
The Brooklyn Center City Council passed a progressive resolution that will serve as a road map for the city and other areas to overhaul its public safety system.
And a county election official ripped Donald Trump as “unhinged” for parroting false complaints about the ballots.
The former president once again claimed the election was stolen from him, and argued that political polling was rigged as well.
Most extremist killings in 2019 were committed by white supremacists.
A "lot of people looked up to" the young reporter, and he inspired an interest in journalism in others, said his sister.
Veterans reflect on the mission that America ignored — and that many of them are still paying for.
The monument would have featured sculptures of American historical figures. Trump himself curated the list of who was to be included.