Dagen McDowell compared Ramaswamy to your sister’s new boyfriend who inspires you to fake an illness so you don't have to be around him.
The vote is a formality designed to deflect Democratic criticism about Republicans failing to follow proper procedure.
The "Sex and the City" actor and activist recently embarked on a five-day hunger strike to call for a permanent cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas conflict.
Outrage ensued over a clip of various academic leaders at a congressional hearing, even though they repeatedly condemned antisemitism while there.
Kate Cox has a limited window of time to get the abortion she seeks, although the state could still try to appeal the decision.
Rep. Jim McGovern said the extremist Republican's tirade about Rep. Jamaal Bowman was "really rich."
Earlier this week, the president said he wouldn't necessarily be running for reelection if Trump weren't in the race.
The former GOP congresswoman gave her two cents on the ousted House speaker’s upcoming departure from Congress.
The former House speaker also pleaded with Americans who previously voted for Trump to consider what’s at stake in the 2024 presidential election.
The GOP presidential candidates had a fiery exchange after the biotech entrepreneur denigrated their competitor, Nikki Haley.