Already accused of war crimes, Russia’s acts raise the question of whether it has crossed the line into genocide, even as Capitol Hill is reluctant to use the word.
There are enough votes on the Supreme Court to uphold new restrictions on Plan B and birth control, experts say.
Kander, once a Democratic rising star who was widely talked about as a presidential candidate, has a new book about his private mental health struggles.
Strict anti-abortion laws often include an exception when abortion can save a patient, but some life-or-death scenarios are not so black and white.
“This has been a revolutionary term,” said University of Texas Law Professor Tara Leigh Grove. “The court has massively changed constitutional law in really big ways,"
“I think it would be horrible not to act on what is now blatantly obvious to anyone who has watched the hearings,” said Jill Wine-Banks.
The court's reversal of Roe v. Wade was ideological, not constitutional, the former "Daily Show" host argues.
The bar was hosting a drag show Thursday when about 10 people showed up to yell about “pedophiles” and harass bar operators and patrons.
Trump knew what to expect and threw fuel on the fire, charged Alex Holder, who said the former president is in "cloud cuckoo land" on the 2020 election.
It appears as if some politicians opposed to legalization voted for the bill without actually reading it all the way through.