The president presented a framework for an agreement that trims much-sought programs. It's unclear whether wary progressives will accept it.
The GOP lawmaker got a blunt reminder of his own past.
Matthew Purse was one of the most malevolent characters in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6. The horrifying extent of his extremism has gone unreported, until now.
Critics likened the Fox News personality's latest project to Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory-spewing InfoWars.
No reforms would be a major setback for Democrats, a big victory for the drug industry — and a loss for millions who need help with their prescription costs.
Critics flipped the passage back onto the conspiracy theory-endorsing Colorado Republican.
The conservative pundit ripped her one-time "uncle" in a blistering message to the media.
They want to see the legislative text of the Build Back Better Act and firmer commitments from two holdout Democratic senators to vote for it.
The White House has unveiled its deal with Sens. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.).
Family members and survivors of the 2015 massacre by white supremacist Dylann Roof sued the FBI after its background check failed to stop Roof from buying the gun he used.
The Texas Republican asked if giving a Nazi salute at an elected official is protected speech.
The former New York governor resigned in August instead of facing potential impeachment.
The men Oklahoma is planning to kill are part of an ongoing lawsuit over whether the state’s lethal injection protocol constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.
"Texas is not safe for you," the NAACP told pro athletes about new laws targeting abortion and voting rights. "Look elsewhere."
The Labor Department is reversing a Trump-era policy that made it easier to pay tipped workers less for their time.
Donald Trump's "letter to the editor" was crammed full of nonsense, but the newspaper published it anyway,
“It’s not fair to treat people like I was treated,” said one Haitian woman who was deported from Del, Rio Texas. “I’m not a criminal.”
Ghosts and goblins can scratch 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from their trick or treating routes.
The election year “just took people’s time away from and distracted them away from the pandemic in my personal opinion,” Birx told a House subcommittee.