The Texas senator got hit with an instant fact-check on Twitter.
"Um, wow, you're awesome," the CNN host managed after the poet recited her mantra.
Delaware journalist Patricia Talorico captured the emotional photo just as President Joe Biden was delivering his first speech after being sworn in.
The new president vows to bring back what's "been missing in a big way the last four years."
Most pro-Trump demonstrations on Inauguration Day were low-key affairs.
"Rebuilding trust with the American people will be central," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.
One person told the former White House adviser point-blank: "You lost. Decency won. Go away."
At Biden’s invitation, congressional leaders from both parties bowed their heads in prayer in the socially distanced service a few blocks from the White House.
The new president is quickly undoing some of Donald Trump's most controversial policies.
It's a precedent-setting move that unions argued is necessary to protect workers' rights.