The "Fox & Friends" host fired back at the young student with a defense of the former president.
The group said an indefinite suspension was "not appropriate," and asked Facebook to reassess the penalty within six months.
President Joe Biden had previously extended the CDC's ban on evictions through June due to the ongoing effects of the coronavirus crisis.
The public health expert shut down Fox News' fearmongering prime-time host on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
One day after launching his new “communications platform,” Trump assailed his former vice president, along with Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney.
Paris Dennard just couldn't bring himself to say the election was legitimate during a grilling from ABC News' Terry Moran.
As vaccination rates increase in the U.S., developing nations — which have sought the patent waiver for months — are facing massive coronavirus outbreaks.
“What the f**k is going on in this photo?” asked "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah. But there's a reason why the Bidens tower over the Carters in the viral image.
The Texas senator and former president have an unusual history, which their critics were more than happy to point out.