Glenn Kirschner warns the former president: "Justice is coming"
There's one topic Gaetz should probably refrain from joking about, his fellow Republican congressman points out.
Twitter users said irony was well and truly dead following the conspiracy-endorsing Georgia Republican's latest post.
The group of more than 100 reportedly will give Republican leaders an ultimatum via a statement to be released Thursday.
The Wyoming representative is now standing up to the president's lies, but from flirting with birthers to pushing anti-Muslim rhetoric, she long stood with him.
House Republicans are expected to vote Wednesday to remove Cheney as House GOP Conference chair because she refuses to back Trump's election lies.
The Texas Republican “owns that mantle” of being a bigot, said the CNN anchor.
The Republican former senator said there's "no greater offense" than doing one particular thing in today's GOP.
"It's going to have a chilling effect on social studies and civics teachers across the state," said Democratic state Rep. James Talarico.
"There’s the proof that it’s just a culture war talking point," said "The 11th Hour" host Brian Williams.