Trump wasn't joking when he told South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem he wanted his face on Mount Rushmore, she said.
Hundreds of frustrated voters were turned away from centers across Puerto Rico that never received ballots.
The creator stepped in "because of partisan bickering and divided government," Navarro said on "Meet the Press."
Damning supercut shows Trump attack the very move he just pulled after Congress failed to reach a deal on coronavirus aid.
Alex Morse, the mayor of Holyoke, Massachusetts, used his position of power for "sexual gain," the College Democrats of Massachusetts allege.
The House speaker, however, stopped short of saying whether Democrats would mount legal challenges against the measures.
The coronavirus pandemic has shattered a 30-year geopolitical order. What will replace it?
Board members bought stock before the announcement Kodak would be using U.S. money to manufacture drugs, including Trump-touted hydroxychloroquine.
“This is something that was thrown together by somebody who has paid no attention to how these things actually work."
President Trump refused to respond to a question about his "false statement" and instead abruptly ended his press conference and walked out.