The president's daughter, of course, has no training or background as a scientific expert.
Trump's personal attorney ranted and screamed at Fox Business host Kennedy for asking about the provenance of his Hunter Biden smears.
The tally shows a record-breaking pace that could lead to the highest voter turnout in percentage terms in more than a century.
The former president ripped Trump's son-in-law at a rally for Joe Biden: "His son-in-law says Black folks have to want to be successful."
The platform removed most of the ads after HuffPost flagged them.
The state judge said a directive that barred openly carrying firearms at voting sites on Election Day did not follow proper procedure.
“This is how the 1% look at minorities,” wrote Rep. Ruben Gallego, who blasted Kushner for suggesting Black Americans don't work hard enough.
First-class mail is moving slowly. But postal workers promise they're treating voters' ballots "like gold."
The cases, involving three men, appear linked to threats against Alicia Garza, a Black Lives Matter movement co-founder.