The Utah senator responded to House Republicans attempting to rewrite history just months after the violent attack.
The "QAnon congresswoman" has repeatedly demanded that the New York Democrat debate her about the Green New Deal.
The West Virginia senator does not support his party’s top legislative priority on voting. Republicans also don’t like his preferred legislative alternative.
“Representations asking for the photo’s removal have been made," the palace said about a doctored image of the British monarch on a Trump supporter's bus.
Joel Greenberg currently faces 33 charges for various crimes including sex trafficking of a minor and stealing from the tax office he once led.
Right-wing media figures have tried to suggest that the president is senile and Harris is the person actually pulling the strings.
Florida law would let the governor intervene if Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance Jr. seeks to extradite Trump after his investigation into possible banking and tax fraud.
Donald Trump's ex-lawyer allegedly used money raised for Defending the Republic to pay legal bills stemming from her baseless claims of a rigged presidential election.
Progressive PAC MeidasTouch urges people to #RejectGOPFascism with its new spot exploring how Trump follows the demagogic playbook.
"It was beyond denial," the House speaker said of the GOP comparing the Capitol insurrection to a normal tourist visit. "It fell into the range of sick."