“I think the Senate is tough, actually. The Senate is very tough,” Trump told donors.
The former Senate leader has been among the most high-level political voices favoring to end the 60-vote threshold for legislation.
Twitter users did a double-take at the Republican National Committee's post.
"It won't be so exhausting, just having a normal president," former President Barack Obama told a Florida crowd.
The Republican senator said she opposes an election-year Supreme Court appointment, but she's voting to confirm Barrett anyway.
The MSNBC host ripped the president as an “epidemiological menace” and “universal donor” of COVID-19.
His reelection campaign has not rejected or returned campaign contributions from multiple well-known far-right bigots, FEC records show.
Biden pledged that he will avoid the partisan blaming of Donald Trump, even as Trump supporters heckled him at an event in Pennsylvania on Saturday.
Twitter users ridiculed Greg Jarrett's apparent insinuation that the Democratic nominee was somehow to blame for his internet problems.
The Democratic nominee slammed the president's coronavirus failings with TrumpCovidPlan.com.