Biden has asked Congress for a $110 billion package of wartime funding for Ukraine.
The ex-president was originally going to testify Monday in the case, which he has repeatedly claimed is election interference by the Biden campaign.
The secretary of state also claimed the U.S. cares about protecting Palestinian civilians, but just bypassed Congress to approve more arms sales to Israel.
"You kind of wonder what it’ll take for people to believe him when he tells us who he is,” Gore told CNN's Jake Tapper.
The White House says a failure to approve more aid by year's end could have catastrophic consequences for Ukraine and its ability to fight.
Director Charles Sams wants visitors to the nation’s 428 park sites to learn about modern tribal governments, “regardless of the bad, the ugly or the good.”
Lisbon's mayor called for preserving Portugal's liberal traditions and uniting against a party riling its base with racist invective targeting a minority.
Each is getting time onstage at Dordt University in Sioux Center with U.S. Rep. Randy Feenstra and his wife, Lynette, to discuss faith, family and politics.
The House speaker is known for his work as a Christian-right operative. This is how he became the "legal go-to guy" to put creationism into public schools.
The former congressman’s rise and fall from grace is all on him, they said.