The president and his allies pushed senior Justice Department officials to overturn the election results and keep him in power, documents show.
The Texas senator's attempt to dunk on California is looking really awkward now.
The Senate majority leader was discussing people with developmental disabilities.
“People who love America need to face this threat to democracy and act with urgency," warned political analyst Juan Williams.
There's no contest between the "contending nightmares" being put forward by Republicans and Democrats, argued Michael Gerson.
The Fox News host and GOP Sen. Ron Johnson had a kooky discussion about the coronavirus pandemic.
"This is a sheer abuse of power," writes CNN's Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr.
Unemployed workers say in their lawsuit that Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb (R) violated state law by ending the benefits early.
The Georgia Republican's comments came after intense bipartisan backlash for her efforts to compare pandemic-era public health guidelines to the Holocaust.
One Twitter user summed up the congresswoman's speech thusly, "I went to a museum and I realized a genocide is worse than wearing masks."