"It’s like night and day," the White House worker told The New Yorker.
Some higher-earning households would miss out on partial COVID-19 relief payments worth thousands of dollars.
GOP Gov. Greg Abbott is “gambling with the health of his state and beyond,” the newspaper's editorial board warned.
Twitter users mocked the right-wing network's newest obsession.
The Maine senator is the first Republican to support Biden's historic pick to lead the federal agency with oversight of public lands and tribal obligations.
The former House speaker also wrote of a beef with Barack Obama: “I’d never been sucker-punched like that in my life.”
The Infowars host, who profits from pandering to Trump's base, was filmed in an expletive-laden tirade against him in 2019.
"It’s not going away anytime soon," Christopher Wray said in a Senate hearing on the Capitol riot.
MSNBC host dogs the Texas senator by comparing him to a meme from "I Think You Should Leave."
The CNN host says he can't cover his brother's growing scandal -- despite having him on his show multiple times last year.