"Make no mistake about it," Brendan Boyle said while ripping Mike Johnson's GOP spin.
"Breaking: Donald," the former president's niece wrote on X.
The New Jersey Democrat has said he's confident he will be exonerated of bribery charges and has no intention of leaving the Senate.
The former president's one-time attorney said his old boss is facing some brutal math.
"The Five" anchor Jessica Tarlov also named the Trump comments that would outrage them at the conservative network if Biden said the same.
The Democratic lawmaker also taunted the House speaker with a meme of the moment.
The famed author fired back at the Ohio Republican on social media.
The former House speaker also hit MAGA Republicans with a stark warning about a Trump-Biden rematch.
The conservative attorney says the Trump family company could be "out of business."
"I don’t know what to say," Willie Geist, of the "Morning Joe" show, responded to the montage.