This may be the surest sign yet that the formal transition is now underway.
The Fox News host tells her audience it's time to join reality.
The first lady's profanity-laced comments about holiday decor come back to haunt her.
The Trump era "might represent only a middle chapter in the Republican Party’s transformation ... into an authoritarian party," warned Max Boot in The Washington Post.
Jerome Adams said coronavirus safety advice applies "to the White House, they apply to the American people, they apply to everyone."
Many noted that as she FINALLY kicked the transition process into gear, she never referred to Biden as the "president-elect."
"I have always strived to do what is right,” GSA administrator Emily Murphy said in a letter to the president-elect on Monday.
The MSNBC host warned what's being overlooked as the president continues to contest the election result.
Donald Trump's son shared an edited version of the barroom brawl scene from "A Bronx Tale" to Instagram.