He claimed President-elect Joe Biden has a "big unsolvable problem" to demonstrate that votes certified by states are legitimate.
A federal appeals court rejected an appeal from the Trump campaign over the election results in Pennsylvania.
He may view them as a "profit center" when his debts are due, reports NBC.
The newsman likened 2020 to other turbulent times in history such as the Great Depression and added that he remained an optimist despite the country's deep divisions.
Chris Krebs tells 60 Minutes allegations of U.S. voting machines being manipulated by foreign countries were baseless.
The CNN anchor's response to the president's Thanksgiving press conference has gone viral.
Wild conspiracy theories could end up slapping Republicans in the face.
"Thought this pic was photoshopped, but nope, just hilariously symbolic!" one Twitter user commented on the president's tiny desk that became a meme.
The former (and future?) Senate candidate outlines his vision for how Democrats can rebuild in the parts of the country that have delivered their biggest defeats.