The sweeping inquiry of the police unit that inspired TV’s “Law & Order: SVU” comes following years of complaints about the way they treat crime victims.
The administration has ruled out the most drastic steps, arguing it's being as bold as the law allows.
The Senate Republican leader voted for a bipartisan semiconductor bill but said he'll oppose it if Democrats try to advance a new version of Build Back Better.
Many ultra-conservative Republicans were badly beaten on Tuesday, losing a battle — though perhaps not the war — for an even more radical GOP.
A new decision "continues to underscore the erosion of democratic institutions at the hands of Republicans in this state," Gov. Tony Evers said.
A "filibuster carveout" like the kind being considered for abortion is not enough, the New York Democrat said.
Joe Biden's nominee just became the first Black woman to sit on the nation's highest court.
"What he's done for Florida has been admirable," the podcast host said of the far-right governor.
A case brought by North Carolina Republicans could wipe out protections against extreme partisan gerrymandering and endanger voting rights.