Democrats, however, are skeptical. “It’s hard to make 'convicted of a crime' a good look,” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse said.
“We have to agree that there’s a certain reality to the world we live in," the Florida governor and possible 2024 rival said.
"I love Trump," the Fox News host said, as he discussed private text exchanges that said the exact opposite.
The progressive Democratic governor is officially neutral in the April 4 race.
In a narrow win for abortion rights advocates, a divided Oklahoma Supreme Court overturned a portion of the state’s near-total ban on abortion.
Atomic power netted nearly $7 billion from recent legislation, but experts say far more is needed to compete with Russia and bolster a costly but vital alternative to fossil fuels.
Other Republican-led states have enacted similar bans on gender-affirming care, in spite of recommendations from professional medical organizations.
The Missouri Senate has given initial approval to legislation that would temporarily prohibit gender-affirming treatments for minors and restrict their participation in sports.
"It’s changed me. It’s changed my life," first grade teacher Abigail Zwerner told the "Today" show.
The Trump-friendly GOP senator weighed in on the ex-president and the Florida governor taking swipes at each other.