"We don't want you here," said one bystander. That's "not how you heal a nation," complained the conservative senator.
Florida senator forgot the extortion part of Donald Trump's impeachment, Rachel Vindman reminded him.
But the former vice president kept quiet in the moment when National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn criticized Trump, according to a Wall Street Journal reporter.
Michele Roosevelt Edwards gave a TV interview in a $30 million mansion she claimed was hers, but the set up was faked, The Washington Post reported.
Lawmakers pushed back against the police-reform movement in Arizona, Iowa, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Wyoming, according to an Associated Press review of legislation.
Florida won a preliminary injunction against the health agency's COVID-19 safety and vaccination requirements for ships to set sail.
Joe and Jill Biden are mourning the loss of their senior German shepherd.
Then he slipped out of public life and into a business he set up in the Cayman Islands while reportedly still commerce secretary.
Furious Twitter users blasted CNN for "normalizing" violence by presenting Babbitt as both a "terrorist" and a "martyr" during the Capitol siege.
“Why don’t Democrats do that this year?" asked the MSNBC anchor.