After initially saying Trump's limit would stay, an increase was announced but delayed until May. Hundreds of refugees set to resettle in the U.S. are left in limbo.
"No reasonable person could think that defendant's 'mask' complied" with Rachel Powell's conditions of release, a judge wrote.
Twitter critics slammed the gun-loving congresswoman's blazingly obvious comment after the Indianapolis massacre.
The complaint alleges that Falwell withheld key details about a personal scandal from the school that later became public.
A hundred days after the Capitol insurrection, Jon Schaffer entered a guilty plea and admitted to invading the U.S. Capitol while armed with bear spray.
The Interior Secretary also signed an order to establish a climate task force to coordinate climate action across the massive federal agency.
"He doesn't care about anyone but himself," one critic said of the Texas Republican.
Virginia state Sen. Amanda Chase (R), a candidate for governor, calls herself “Trump in heels.”
Biden is going back on a campaign promise by maintaining Trump's policy on refugee admissions into the United States.
Historically, the U.S. has been able to work with various political situations, backlogs and surges from vulnerable populations without an issue.