The woman told the New York Times about an uncomfortable encounter with Cuomo at a wedding as the governor faces a sexual harassment investigation.
The hotel chain also attacked CPAC members who acted with "hostility" when they were asked to wear masks, risking the health of other hotel guests and employees.
Other political leaders have publicized their vaccinations as a way to promote trust in the science.
The former White House press secretary said on Fox News that "everyone was expecting peace" on Jan. 6 when Trump sent a mob to the Capitol.
The Utah senator says he's "doing better."
Democrats are racing to pass a $1.9 trillion coronavirus package loaded with thousands of dollars for most American families.
“We wouldn’t even be talking about it if it wasn’t for the New York Times reporting,” a Fox News reporter said in correcting the former GOP congressman.
The Connecticut native will be charged with helping tackle a range of challenges schools face amid COVID-19.
The New York City mayor also suggested the governor should resign if the allegations prove to be true.
The right-wing star claimed his friend left him to die in a "fiery tomb." The friend told The Washington Post he pulled Cawthorn from the wreck.