Roughly 39 million American households will receive payments of up to $300 per child per month as part of American Rescue Plan.
Raja, who contributed to dozens of stories for the news network, struck a defiant tone after losing his gig.
The evangelical leader knocks Trump's age, health and diet -- all at the same time.
The state's electric chair is 109 years old.
A dissenting voice of the right-wing network warned Republicans of their "losing bet" on the disgraced former president.
People with disabilities reported improved voting experiences in 2020. But a wave of new restrictions could reverse hard-won progress.
As 29 senators call for an immediate halt to violence in Israel and Gaza on Sunday, the president has yet to do the same — despite the Palestinian civilian death toll climbing.
Gates said he left his post on the Microsoft board in 2020 to focus on philanthropy.
Starting June 15, the state will adopt the CDC’s guidance allowing vaccinated people to remove masks in most settings.
The Florida congressman said he is being accused of paying for "naughty favors" and claimed the allegations are similar to legislators who write earmarks into bills. He's very wrong.