Federal law enforcement officers are operating on American streets without identification, which experts say breeds a culture of impunity.
The CNN host thoroughly debunked the White House press secretary's claim.
The Lincoln Project calls out the president for siccing the military on protesters.
Elected official says laws won't solve the problem, only God.
New York Times staff members criticized the opinion department for running Republican Sen. Tom Cotton's essay calling for military force against protesters.
Pete Souza shared an old picture of the Obamas walking to St. John's Church. It's in stark contrast to Trump's latest photo-op.
“I can't believe what I just witnessed & experienced," New York City's public advocate said after sharing a video of police using batons on demonstrators.
"We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership," the former defense secretary wrote to The Atlantic.
Authoritarianism experts worry that Trump could abuse his powers to try to disrupt the November election or delegitimize the result if he loses.
The former president took the mic in a town hall meeting to commend protesters, drawing a sharp contrast with his successor Donald Trump.