The California governor would need 32 states to join his proposal and another 37 to vote to enact it.
The administration accused House Republicans of subscribing to “debunked conspiracy theories that deny the existence and nature of climate change.”
The first 1,000 feet of buoys will be placed in the Rio Grande at the city of Eagle Pass.
The former president's attorneys called the award grossly excessive and said it should be reduced to less than $1 million.
The ad marks a troubling advancement in the use of AI in political campaigning: a deliberate attempt to blur reality.
The far-right lawmaker tried to make a point about ... something.
“This case is about dog toys and whiskey, two items seldom appearing in the same sentence,” Justice Elena Kagan wrote in an opinion for the court.
The GOP rule during wildfires: Only talk about “active forest management.” Don’t even mention climate change.
The court sided with plaintiffs who argued that Alabama’s district maps were an unconstitutional racial gerrymander.
A Republican and a Democratic senator demanded CEO Shou Zi Chew tell the truth about whether sensitive U.S. user data has been stored on Chinese servers.