Several other Republican senators have said they won't attend the event in Florida, citing coronavirus health risks and prior commitments.
Cohen was released from a federal prison in May due to concerns over possible coronavirus exposure.
The justices ruled 5-4, declaring that Congress never diminished or disestablished the land as a reservation.
The justices ruled Thursday that Trump can't block a grand jury subpoena for the records.
The court ruled that Trump is not above the law, but the New York district attorney may not obtain Trump's tax records until after the election.
The court finally ruled on a case about the president's financial records on the final day of the term.
President Donald Trump lost twice in court. But the subpoenaed records that are part of the cases are almost certain to remain hidden from the public until after the election.
Three in 10 Black families are struggling to feed their children, and there's no sign of relief in sight.
The Florida Republican tried to ease coronavirus concerns by suggesting, “If you can do Home Depot, if you can do Walmart, ... you absolutely can do the schools.”
The Lincoln Project’s ads go viral. That doesn’t mean they work.