The vice president left someone out of his goodbye tweet and photos.
President Donald Trump continues his spate of pardons with 143 names just hours before his tenure in the White House ends.
The Wall Street Journal reported that it's not clear how serious he is about creating the "Patriot Party."
The president departed by snubbing Joe Biden's inauguration and fleeing to Mar-a-Lago.
"You. Called. Them. Patriots," one Twitter user hit back at President Donald Trump's daughter and adviser.
"You will go down in history as unequivocally and inarguably the worst president in American history," the MSNBC anchor said, addressing Trump.
Federal prosecutors have alleged that Bannon’s "Build the Wall" fund served as a slush fund for the former White House adviser and his partners.
Some on the left relished conservative "cannibalism" after the Fox News host ripped the Senate GOP leader for saying Donald Trump provoked the Capitol riot.
Donald Trump’s niece predicted a “pretty grim” future for the outgoing president.