The Ohio Republican's request for a congressional investigation got the treatment on Twitter.
“Why did they keep this information secret from the American public?” the MSNBC anchor asked.
The Utah senator says he's "doing better."
The GOP is now “just the party of white grievance," Michael Gerson argued.
The former White House press secretary said on Fox News that "everyone was expecting peace" on Jan. 6 when Trump sent a mob to the Capitol.
The GOP has been pushing a wave of voter restrictions after Democrats won big in 2020. A conservative majority on the court has voting rights advocates worried.
A CNN montage shows Trump pushing Fox News' "false narratives and talking points" during his Conservative Political Action Conference address.
Questions about the FBI’s preparations for the riot, and investigations into it, are expected to dominate Wray’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
The CNN anchor acknowledged the scandals surrounding his sibling, then quickly moved on.
The hotel chain also attacked CPAC members who acted with "hostility" when they were asked to wear masks, risking the health of other hotel guests and employees.