Kristina Karamo, the Republican nominee for secretary of state in Michigan, has also claimed sex can cause demonic possession.
Trump was trying to “overthrow the government so that he could stay in power,” said Sandra Garza, Brian Sicknick's longtime partner.
"A man as dangerous as Donald Trump can absolutely never be anywhere near the Oval Office ever again," the panel's vice chair said.
But the defender of the wealthy gets schooled by White House.
Kinzinger says more evidence is emerging that supports testimony that President Trump wanted to join an angry riot that marched to the Capitol.
"We are truly a Nation In Decline!" he railed on Truth Social.
Providers and patients across the country have been struggling to navigate the evolving legal landscape around abortion laws and access.
The parade’s planning committee selected a local retired Marine to be grand marshal. Then the threats came pouring in.
The rule of law should mean something, says former officer Michael Fanone, who was viciously attacked by Trump supporters at the Capitol.
“We all know from past experiences Donald Trump doesn’t care about anybody else but Donald Trump,” said Kurt Bardella.