"Ohioans, when you're visiting your loved one's grave, remember Jim Jordan was laughing at them," one critic fired back at the Ohio Republican.
The Fox News host went way over the top when talking about the former president's current schedule.
"Well my time has come," the former vice president wrote to his staff.
The Republican Accountability Project says Rubio's support for Trump means Florida voters shouldn't support him in next year's reelection campaign.
The Fox News personality accused the media of "lynching" the former Minneapolis police officer charged with murdering George Floyd.
The Democratic lawmaker called for protesters "to get more confrontational" at a weekend Minnesota rally.
The liberal former senator from Minnesota later ran for president.
"God I love the internet," one Twitter user said after the prankster called the MyPillow CEO.
The president proved he's serious about addressing Trump-era damage by working closely with allies in withdrawing from Afghanistan, Italy's outgoing ambassador to the U.S. said.
A Cuomo senior adviser calls the allegations "patently absurd."