In Merrill v. Milligan, Alabama asked the court to overturn 40 years of precedent. But both liberal and conservative justices questioned the state's argument.
Greene used two unrelated incidents to claim that Democrats have begun hunting Republicans.
The record-keeping agency said some Trump administration items were still missing, even after the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago.
Americans are on track for their third-highest gun-buying year, despite a drop in monthly sales.
The conservative attorney predicted how the former president "is going to make things much worse in this country before things finally get better."
The MSNBC anchor had her own withering response to the Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper's criticism of the former president.
“The single best way to get under his skin is to do that," said Cody Keenan.
Christian Walker said the Republican U.S. Senate candidate "left us to bang a bunch of women" and "threatened to kill us."
The House Speaker says there's one key factor that can help her party buck history.