The Las Vegas Sun issued a desperate plea to non-MAGA Republican candidates.
The former president's lengthy history of bankruptcies, failed licensing agreements and lawsuits are laid bare in excruciating detail in a filing for his new media company.
The veteran foreign service officer was confirmed unanimously by the Senate without a formal roll call vote.
House Democrats are pushing a small funding boost for the Food and Drug Administration.
The president is also ordering Defense Department aircraft to ship formula from overseas.
Sunshine Suzanne Sykes of the Navajo Nation is also just the fifth Indigenous woman in U.S. history to serve on a federal court.
The celebrity doctor-turned-Senate candidate thanked the Fox News host for his help in the Republican primary.
The California Republican might be the first person to complain about free Peloton classes.
The legislation makes it illegal to sell or possess unserialized gun parts or homemade firearms, which are difficult for police to trace.
The first-term Georgia governor refused Trump’s demand that he help overturn his 2020 election loss, and Trump has tried to end Kemp’s career because of it.