The former House speaker didn't mince words when it came to one current politician.
The Fox News host mocked backlash over his comments about the racist "great replacement theory."
Tweeting baseless conspiracy theories does not mean a president is "in charge," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.
Former tax collector Joel Greenberg discussed young woman he referred to as "Vintage 99" in WhatsApp chat while he was caught up in a sex trafficking probe.
Florida Sen. Rick Scott awarded Trump the inaugural “Champion for Freedom” award at his Mar-a-Lago resort over the weekend.
The "Late Night" host threw back to the time the former president repeatedly called the lawmaker by the wrong name.
Murdoch has created an echo chamber that propelled Trump into the White House, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.
Brooklyn Center City Council voted to fire Curt Boganey and put Mayor Mike Elliott in charge of the police department after an officer killed the 20-year-old.
The former House speaker said the president is a "good guy" who is just trying to “hold his party together” while the progressive and moderate factions battle.