The TV host asked Leslie Rutledge why she would take a doctor's advice if her kid had cancer but ignore experts on treating gender dysphoria.
Each of the petitions filed Friday seeks to have the potential witnesses appear in November after the election.
It's a case of tribal politics trumping self-interest, because EVs are pretty awesome to own and drive.
The Pennsylvania Senate candidate spoke in front of the vehicle, which sports a swastika on the side, during a fundraiser in California.
The party’s top leadership hasn’t changed since the Bush administration, and the caucus is getting increasingly frustrated that there’s no clear handover plan.
Most states run by Democrats have a process to expunge marijuana convictions, while others are reviewing Biden’s request.
HuffPost spoke with Diyawn Caldwell about why people imprisoned in Alabama went on strike and how they organized incarcerated workers throughout the state.
Officers in the Texas town remain under intense scrutiny for their response to May's school shooting massacre.
“What Saudi Arabia did to help Putin continue to wage his despicable, vicious war against Ukraine will long be remembered by Americans,” the Senate majority leader said.
The Republican didn't mince words in blaming the former president in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.