The White House said it is working with all major formula producers to boost production, including reaching out to their suppliers.
With the latest SCOTUS decision to further deregulate campaign finance, the Texas senator will be able pay himself back with fresh donor money.
A subsidy boost for the Affordable Care Act that lowers prices for millions will end this year unless the federal government acts.
Arizona GOP Sen. Wendy Rogers promoted a deranged conspiracy theory after 10 people were killed in what authorities say was a racist hate crime.
The third-ranking House Republican's hometown newspaper denounced her "hateful rhetoric" months before the racist mass shooting in Buffalo, New York.
The billionaire Amazon founder accused Biden of "misdirection" over the economy for the second time in less than a week.
“I look forward to returning to work in the Senate later this week and thank the medical team for their excellent care," the Maryland Democrat said.
In this case, "BBC" doesn't mean what this guy thinks it does.
"Who would have ever suspected a creature like Donald Trump would become president" and appoint 3 "anti-freedom judges to court?" she asked.