Various veteran lawmakers deciding to call it quits may not bode well for Democrats as they seek to retain control of the House in 2022.
Christopher Steele says he thinks the infamous golden showers tape is real -- and shared why he believes Russia hasn't released it.
"Elections are about winning," the Louisiana Republican said.
Congress could make debt ceiling standoffs a thing of the past.
Under S.B. 8, a radical anti-abortion law, undocumented folks are “either forced into parenthood or risking deportation," advocates say.
“Let’s talk about the future. The election is past. It’s been certified," said Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson.
Poor people need insurance. Seniors need dental care. And there may not be money for both.
The findings are true across the world, but the U.S. could see some of the biggest benefits from spending on renewables and nature restoration.
The agency said those fully inoculated with mixed doses of COVID-19 vaccines are able to enter from Nov. 8.
Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin said the extremist GOP senator "should be ashamed."