Senate Republicans blocked a similar bill earlier this year after the Supreme Court in Britt’s home state of Alabama issued a decision that halted the fertility procedure.
Trump once again compared himself to the slavery-abolishing Lincoln, but "Morning Joe" clapped back hard.
Their union said they’re protesting the university’s “unlawful behavior” amid pro-Palestinian demonstrations.
Trump and his allies issued dire warnings about mass uprisings if prosecutors dared charge Trump with crimes. As of now, there have been zero.
The former president wants a "contest of self-humiliation" in the race to become his pick for VP, said David Frum.
The Ohio Republican is one of the top contenders to become Donald Trump's vice presidential pick ahead of the 2024 presidential election.
In painting the 2024 election as a democracy-or-bust binary choice, the president risks losing voters already dissatisfied with the status quo.
The former president's criminal trial continues in New York.
The South Carolina Republican made a boast on behalf of Trump that backfired.
The "Daily Show" correspondent also highlighted the "darker question" when it comes to Republicans and Russia.