Max Boot nailed the irony of Carlson's anti-immigrant screeds in his op-ed for The Washington Post.
The Colorado Republican railed against “a political party that is laser-focused on destroying our freedoms” and people pointed out the same thing.
House panel on COVID-19 accuses aides of "overruling and bullying scientists and making harmful decisions that allowed the virus to spread more rapidly."
The Fox News personality's latest incendiary comments came under the spotlight from the "CNN Tonight" anchor.
James Kyle Bell is also charged with fraudulently obtaining $1 million in funds from the coronavirus-relief Paycheck Protection Program.
Carlson's “white replacement" conspiracy rhetoric was "not just a dog whistle to racists — it was a bullhorn," the ADL said in a letter to Fox News.
The former Republican House Speaker blamed lawmakers from his own party for helping to ignite the deadly Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6.
The committee said Friday that it would probe the sexual misconduct allegations against the two Republican congressmen.
The former president and Michelle Obama enjoyed a great friendship with the late Duke of Edinburgh.
The third-highest ranking Democrat on Capitol Hill said he's "insulted" by Sen. Joe Manchin's calls for bipartisanship on voting rights laws.