Democratic lawmakers are demanding a criminal investigation, saying political appointees "orchestrated a coverup to protect" Secretary David Bernhardt.
Michael Osterholm warned a back-to-school surge in COVID-19 “will far surpass what we saw after Memorial Day.”
The president is working overtime to turn the federal bureaucracy into a subsidiary of his campaign.
Then-Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats was forced out after refusing to water down the language so it might not enrage the president.
"If I don’t win the election, China will own the United States," the president claimed in an interview.
The conservative attorney laid out Trump's mountain of lies and misdeeds in a piece titled "I (Still) Believe the President, and in the President."
Don Winslow wants reporters to take a tougher stance with the president.
The Arizona Democratic Senate candidate says he’s happy watchmaker Breitling has abandoned its marketing strategy, which centered around scantily clad women.
The NFL and college leagues are working to figure out if a football season can take place this fall.
The president, deeply unpopular during an election year, is trying to prevent many Americans from voting rather than convince them he is qualified for a second term.