"You've got folks right now blaming Democrats for ousting Kevin McCarthy. And I'm like, wait a minute," Michael Steele said.
The person claimed to be a student at the school and thought it was a clever idea to prattle on about Tucker Carlson.
The test of the national emergency alert system will actually trigger a society-wide, vaccine-induced zombie apocalypse… according to some weird corners of the web.
Spoiler: his speakership did not outlive the lettuce.
There's one glaring issue standing in the way of the far-right plot to install Trump as next House speaker.
House Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry was ridiculed on social media over his furious first gavel drop.
Neal Katyal also predicted how likely the former president is to break the order.
The "Inside Politics" anchor exposed the former president's complaint for exactly what it is.
Patrick McHenry is coming under fire for targeting the former House speaker in one of his first moves.
Kevin McCarthy’s decision not to fight for his old job will set off a week’s worth of jockeying among candidates without very many differences.