War-like imagery is spreading in Republican circles post-Capitol riot. Democrats believe isn't an accident.
The incoming president will be on a 10-day blitz to quickly roll back some of Trump's most controversial decisions.
The upscale hotel chain said on Twitter that it opposed the Jan. 6 riot and “all who supported and incited the actions.”
U.S. Capitol Police arrested Wesley Allen Beeler, who had an unauthorized inaugural badge and a loaded handgun on him, reports said.
"De-platforming" of misinformation "superspreaders" has huge impact.
The congresswoman said that online radicalization on platforms like Facebook — which enjoy a "complete lack of accountability" — led to the attack.
Investigators are looking into possible mysterious foreign Bitcoin payments to key extremist figures, NBC reports.
Lisa Eisenhart and son Eric Munchel are charged with federal conspiracies after they're photographed inside the Capitol during Jan. 6 raid.
"I'm glad I was in a position to be able to help," Officer Daniel Hodges said. "We'll do it as many times as it takes."
“I know it’s become a partisan issue, but what a stupid, stupid thing for it to happen,” the president-elect said.