“The Science Guy” offered three words to conservative lawmakers while addressing Hurricane Ian's impact.
Conservatives had a "collective breakdown" over a Black woman playing a flute.
President Joe Biden says the U.S. government will be with Puerto Rico for the long haul as it cleans up and rebuilds after Hurricane Fiona.
Ukraine applied for fast-track membership into the military alliance just days earlier after Russia annexed four of its regions in violation of international law.
GOP Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott refused to vote for the spending bill that includes disaster relief to help Florida recover from Hurricane Ian.
The court’s conservative supermajority returns on Oct. 3 with affirmative action and voting rights squarely in its sights.
Rep. Matt Gaetz was one of several House Republicans who voted against a resolution to allow FEMA to use up to $15 million in the Disaster Relief Fund.
Trump told Michigan rally attendees on Saturday that Virginia "Ginni" Thomas is a “great woman” and didn't do something "stupid people" do.
Tudor Dixon, the party’s nominee for governor, had the smallest contingent of visible allies, judging by the campaign apparel that people wore to the Michigan rally.
A letter from the acting U.S. archivist on Friday detailed the record-keeping agency's next move to retrieve Trump White House records.