The liberal justice also hinted that there may be more conservative victories soon as the court gears up to hand down decisions in multiple high-profile cases.
Habba suggested jurors should have been sequestered so as not to be swayed by friends with "Trump derangement syndrome."
Jaime Harrison explained why he wouldn't trust anyone on Trump's shortlist during an appearance on MSNBC's "The Weekend" on Sunday.
The ad also attacks Donald Trump for not supporting gun control.
Trump, accused of multiple felonies, still gets laughs and handshakes from officers — despite his vow to pardon those who attacked cops on Jan. 6, 2021.
Closing arguments are scheduled for Tuesday in the former president's historic trial over hush money payments.
The presidential contender told a tale about a 1974 rafting trip in Peru that some of his travel companions have since said was exaggerated or never happened.
Amid boos, the GOP presidential hopeful urged the skeptical group of conservatives to give him “lots and lots of libertarian votes.”
Donald Trump was booed repeatedly while addressing Saturday night’s Libertarian Party National Convention.
The influencer called "The AK Guy" is an unorthodox match for a district where one of the nation's worst mass shootings occurred. GOP voters might pick him anyway.