Donald Trump Jr.'s posts don't exactly 'back the blue.'
The Arizona State Senate and the company it hired are now at loggerheads over records the Cyber Ninjas company is not releasing after a court order.
“I fully understood there could be legal consequences,” Dr. Alan Braid wrote. But he said he wanted to make certain the "blatantly unconstitutional law" is tested.
Trump pushing for acolytes who could overturn a future popular vote.
Members of the media and law enforcement outnumbered the far-right Trump supporters who showed up in Washington on Saturday.
Now the Hillsborough County GOP is bracing to miss its federal filing deadline.
Fox News host flew to Hungary to "extol" hard-right leader who censors media, ignores voters and "amasses great wealth" for himself and cronies," said senator.
The migrants' Caribbean homeland was recently devastated by an earthquake.
Trump fired back after being told voters were "tired of the chaos," according to Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.
The Capitol police are taking no chances as they prepare for Saturday’s rally in support of rioters imprisoned after the Jan. 6 insurrection.