How Joe Biden shaped the debate, Kevin McCarthy tamed the House Freedom Caucus and more.
At least one Georgian isn't fond of the extremist Republican.
The New York representative had expressed frustration after Twitter owner Elon Musk amplified an account using her name.
The administration ordered a 20-year moratorium on new fossil fuel leasing within 10 miles of Chaco Canyon.
The Department of Justice has informed former Vice President Mike Pence’s legal team that it won't pursue criminal charges related to the discovery of classified documents at his Indiana home.
The 1974 National League MVP confirmed that he "had been approached to run for office."
The former president made some big boasts about his campaign rallies.
The U.S. secretary of state added Moscow must pay a share of Ukraine’s reconstruction and be held accountable for invading its neighbor.
Pauline Bauer was sentenced to two years for her role in the insurrection, but the Fox News host gaslighted her lawbreaking on his radio show.
“It reminds me very much of what happened in the E. Jean Carroll sexual assault case," said Andrew Weissmann, who said history may repeat itself.