The Texas senator's attempt to dunk on California is looking really awkward now.
Adherents of the bizarre conspiracy theory may target Democrats and other political opponents for more violence as the movement’s false prophecies don’t come true.
One Twitter user summed up the congresswoman's speech thusly, "I went to a museum and I realized a genocide is worse than wearing masks."
The former president's former attorney claimed that "everyone" misses Donald Trump's policies, but many Twitter users begged to differ.
Democrats have a window to potentially fill a Supreme Court vacancy. But it may be even narrower than they think.
The former government contractor was sentenced to five years for leaking information about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.
The Georgia Republican's comments came after intense bipartisan backlash for her efforts to compare pandemic-era public health guidelines to the Holocaust.
The Biden administration looks set to undo former President Donald Trump’s attacks on Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante.
National security adviser Jake Sullivan acknowledged the president's gaffe hours later but not before it drew scrutiny from some viewers.
The interior secretary is taking an inclusive approach — in notable contrast to her Trump-era predecessors.