Journalists Peter Baker and Susan B. Glasser also revealed a draft resignation letter by Mark Milley following Trump's photo op at Lafayette Square.
Biden’s aides chalk up his victories to the fact that he’s been publicly playing the role of cheerleader rather than legislative quarterback.
Graham directly insulted Hassan and presiding officer Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) stepped in.
The Georgia Democrat told CNN's "State of the Union" she would support Joe Biden in 2024 if he runs for reelection.
Andrew Warren, a Democrat, was suspended over his promise not to enforce the state’s 15-week abortion ban and support for gender transition treatments for minors.
Hasan offered evidence for "just how far the modern MAGA-led GOP has gone off the rails."
Trump-backed Matthew DePerno was named as a "prime instigator" in an effort to improperly access voting machines.
Former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele dismissed the Colorado lawmaker's latest act as "performative bulls**t."
“I think there’s a potential to get this back in the box, but it’s going to be very difficult," Scott Gottlieb said Sunday.
President Joe Biden’s response comes two days after a fourth Muslim man was found dead in what New Mexico's governor called a "targeted" attack.