The former president complained about a "very unfair" detail in his hush money trial which is actually pretty standard.
Martha-Ann Alito told a Post reporter in 2021 the flag was "an international signal of distress."
It's not the first time Trump has used a remembrance holiday to slam his opponents.
A Missouri attendee who was given the floor made a questionable attempt at mocking Trump.
Closing arguments in the former president's hush money trial are scheduled to start Tuesday.
The veteran Democratic strategist eviscerated the Biden campaign for what he called its flawed messaging.
Eric Posey was falsely accused of exposing himself at a pride event after blogger Summer Bushnell shared a doctored video online.
The former president's speech at the Libertarian Party's national convention Saturday was met with overwhelming boos.
"Joe Biden was locked & loaded ready to take me out & put my family in danger," the former president wrote in a fundraising email last week.
The former president presumably thought that a clip of the "Morning Joe" star being vulgarly heckled at the airport was amusing.