Tucker Carlson didn't even blink at the remark as the two discussed wind turbines, but there was a gusty outcry on Twitter.
India Walton, a progressive, won the Democratic primary, but centrist Mayor Byron Brown is challenging her via a write-in campaign.
Parnas was convicted of illegally funneling money from a Russian financier to U.S. politicians, among other things.
The former president was responding to McCain's criticism of him as she promotes her new memoir.
But it won't block the restrictive abortion law while the case plays out.
Trump's new social media company shot up in value, but at least one investor says it's not about the money.
People on Twitter "fixed" the name Gaetz gave to the three Donald Trump sycophants.
Dan Patrick, Texas' lieutenant governor, supported a vaccine mandate for college students as a state legislator in 2009.
The poll worker said it was "extremely ironic" he collected Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's bounty.
CNN commentator S.E. Cupp suggested the Fox News personality could be to blame for the ex-president's latest social media venture.