The nation's top disease expert is not thinking about quitting, though. The problem is too big.
The White House said veteran political operative Bill Stepien will step into the role just four months before the 2020 election.
The Human Rights Campaign is throwing its support behind Gideon in her bid to unseat Maine's Republican senator.
Democrat Andy Beshear is increasingly frustrated with Republican efforts to block his measures to slow the spread.
The CNN commentator also asserts that the first daughter has "broken a law" with the promo.
Both pics may violate federal regulations that forbid government employees to use their positions, titles or authority to endorse products.
Learn Our History's $1 gift promotion comes with a hidden (and costly) catch.
"The View’s" resident Republican predicts the president's insistence on making “stupid, undisciplined comments" will cost him the election.
Doomsday predictions that millions of pigs would be culled never materialized, but the problem remains unsolved.
The ongoing pandemic shows just how dangerous, and deadly, his continued rejection of science and expertise can be.