Shawn McCaffrey enlisted and then graduated from boot camp just as the Pentagon was claiming to aggressively confront extremism in the ranks.
Gov. Kay Ivey also called out right-wing media disinformation about the vaccine.
The FBI revealed that it had received 4,500 tips and had provided “all relevant” ones to the White House counsel’s office.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has “lived to regret" his association with the former president, said the Fox Sports commentator.
The Texas Republican's prediction was "utterly, completely, in every possible conceivable way wrong," said MSNBC's Chris Hayes.
"Nalia’s Law” was named after a survivor who was forced into marriage at the age of 13.
GOP Gov. Greg Abbott calls the socially conscious company "disgraceful" for its decision not to sell in the Israeli-occupied territories.
The National Sports Shooting Foundation says David Chipman is a threat to the gun industry.
"We are all, first and foremost, Team USA," the first lady said ahead of the Tokyo opening ceremony.
Greene has continued to rail against vaccinations, which threatens public health.