2020 Election

The Democratic presidential hopeful said Trump is asking voters to "tolerate the negativity" in exchange for job growth.
The 2020 Democratic candidate is using the president's reported interest in acquiring the island to fundraise for his own campaign.
Storming through the Iowa State Fair has become a central obligation of any would-be president, much to the seeming annoyance of almost everyone involved.
For women of color running for office, the president's insults against Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and others only motivate them more.
The Democratic presidential candidate would revoke "ill-advised" pipeline permits and significantly expand tribal criminal jurisdiction.
President Donald Trump insulted a protester’s weight during a rally in New Hampshire.
The former Colorado governor — a self-proclaimed moderate Democrat and vocal critic of socialism — announced he will end his presidential bid.
"We need to end all forms of racism in this country -- from Donald Trump down to the local police department," the presidential candidate told the hip-hop star.
The Democratic presidential candidate's plan comes less than two weeks after the man accused of killing 22 people in El Paso was linked to white supremacist writings.
“Beto’s not dropping out; he’s not going anywhere," a campaign aide said.
The former Georgia gubernatorial candidate said she's currently focused on fighting voter suppression ahead of the primary.
Kamala Harris is a spin class and cooking devotee and Cory Booker meditates daily.
“What’s exciting from our perspective is that some of these ideas are catching hold," said a sustainable farming advocate.
The new apparel is the latest in the campaign's line of rage-baiting merchandise.
The former Georgia gubernatorial nominee will not be running for president in 2020.
The former Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Georgia noted that a "solid field of candidates" already seeks her party's nod.
The board applauded the presidential hopeful's "bulldog" record on crime — a sore point for her critics.
Kamala Harris is pitching incrementalism. Bernie Sanders says that will cost Democrats the election.
The Democratic presidential candidate suggested Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is negatively influencing the newspaper's coverage of him.