2020 Election

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign used scammy online tactics to draw millions of dollars from unwitting supporters, the Times said.
GOP Rep. Paul Gosar is facing a family feud for instigating the Capitol insurrection.
Donald Trump omitted his former vice president, Mike Pence, from his list of “very good” Republican leaders.
Trump's campaign lawyer baselessly claimed that Dominion Voting Systems machines were rigged to weigh Biden votes more heavily than Trump votes.
As for Georgia, Trump "basically tried to steal" the election, the Harvard law professor says.
The group will ask companies to acknowledge that Biden won fairly and to refuse to support candidates spreading conspiracy theories about a stolen election.
In an interview with ABC News, President Joe Biden said he thinks Vladimir Putin is a “killer” and doesn’t have a soul.
Coca-Cola and Home Depot are standing up against the Republican-led effort to roll back voting access in Georgia.
The power to enact Biden’s agenda rests on the slimmest of majorities.