2024 Elections

The “Tonight Show” host imagined history repeating itself.
"It's going to be a fun year," the comedian sarcastically predicted.
Michael Steele said the former president’s comments reminded him of “some 1950s redneck.”
Andrew Weissmann delivered a damning prediction for the former president.
For weeks, voters have pledged to turn their back on Biden over his policy in Gaza — and early returns show a significant protest vote.
The presidential candidate likened the GOP to a "ship with a hole in it" but said voters have the opportunity to course correct by voting for her on Super Tuesday.
Trump’s remaining GOP rival, Nikki Haley, has vowed to stay in the race through at least March 5.
Follow along for results from Michigan's Republican and Democratic primaries.
The controversial politician, who is running as an independent in the 2024 election, was also mocked for taking “farm-to-table steroids.”
“Please put Lara Trump over there,” the longtime Democratic political consultant urged.