2024 Elections

A face that will be embarrassingly familiar to Rudy Giuliani will also reportedly appear in the upcoming movie.
The conservative personality just can’t get over one inconsequential thing about the president, even though Donald Trump has done exactly the same.
The MSNBC anchor also issued a fierce response to the former president’s attack on the network.
The president made a familiar sign as he slammed the Colorado lawmaker as “one of the leaders of this extreme MAGA movement.”
The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host hit the former president with a new theory.
Bernie Marcus suggested he won’t let a conviction get in the way of his support for the Republican front-runner.
Elizabeth de la Vega explained how any possible benefit “will be destroyed.”
Matthew Dowd argued why “it’s going to be so weird.”
“It’s like the Kool-Aid man suddenly caring about walls,” the comedian joked.
“My view is this: I want the people, not the politicians, to make this decision," the 2024 Republican presidential candidate said.