405 Freeway Closure

That's because our OC brethren are going to be put through their own mini-version of Carmageddon with the total closure of
It's an overnight closure but still -- it's the 405 freeway, infamous as one of the most congested in the country. The 405
With the Rampture upon us and street services repaving the street I live on, even though my stretch seems just fine, I have been challenged of late to see the L.A. transportation glass as mostly full.
The Wilshire Boulevard ramps project is the second phase of the plan to add more high-occupancy-vehicle lanes to the 405
What all these succulent treats have in common is a serious helping of unique nutrients that offer protection against any number of incipient maladies.
County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky broke down the impact by numbers: Number of violent crimes reported to the Los Angeles
HuffPost asked Matt Corrigan, who doesn't have any children yet, what he would say to his future kids when they stumble upon
Now that part one of the "Carmageddon-Carpocalypse-Cartastrophy" 405 closure is behind us, we can find humor in the city
We need leadership to say that this world will not be a lowest common denominator fight over satisfying old debts that cannot be satisfied, with no environmental, labor, or consumer protections.
The Los Angeles Times has a time lapse video of the entire Mulholland Bridge demolition from start to finish. Appropriately