We Are The 47 Percent

Hillary Clinton made a deplorable basket case this weekend. That is, she made the case that "half" of the supporters of Donald Trump belong in a "basket of deplorables." It just sounds funnier to say it the first way, that's all.
The GOP presidential nominee thinks half the country just wants a handout.
The 47 percent remark that destroyed Mitt Romney in 2012 isn't impacting Trump’s 2016 campaign.
The 47 percent remark that destroyed Mitt Romney in 2012 isn't impacting Trump’s 2016 campaign.
Why the GOP isn't so forgiving with the uninsured, the unemployed or the poor.
Sam Brownback bashes Medicaid for "able-bodied adults" and "big city hospitals."
Cecily's case is one of the most egregious of the more than 7,000 arrests that were documented during the crackdown on the Occupy movement.
Donald Trump says exactly what the GOP believes. It's a simple axiom: personal wealth accumulation is everything. It's just that when The Donald expresses their credo, he ignores the shinola and emphasizes the crass.
I thought it might be spiritually helpful to compare Fox's language about the poor to the language of Christ, both in substance and tone, and the deep feelings that these completely contrary languages, and their comparison, reveals.
Occupy's Rolling Jubilee has wrapped up its oh-so-successful campaign to draw attention to debt inequities by raising over
The discussion capped off a flurry of activity in the prospective GOP 2016 field, the majority of which gathered in the Midwest
The main theme of a national election can turn on a dime, due to a major world event or even due to the public's fascination with one unforeseen minor topic. But, at least for the time being, the 2016 election seems to be shaping up as a race centered on economic populism.
In terms of the overall tax burden (state, local, federal), the top 1 percent don't even pay that much more as a percentage of their income than do the bottom 20 percent. Think about that for a minute. But you knew that, right, Mitt?
In case you may not have heard as yet, Occupy Wall Street's "Strike Debt!" (SD!) working group has a modest goal in mind for 2015: to organize America's debt-burdened college and university students into a union strong enough to bring today's institutions of higher learning to their knees.
It is not at all surprising that it is in those parts of America that conceive of moral requirements in the most harsh and absolutist terms that we find the strongest impulse to deal with those below them not with compassion but with punitive demands.
She said at that time, when the judge threw out the summons as being unwarranted: That glitter, or more likely her flamboyant