A Thousand Cuts

Public aid contributed 700 euros ($920) to help pay for the wheelchair Juan Antonio needs, which his family bought a few
I teach seventh-grade world history in Central Point, Oregon. Last year my class sizes were 34, 36, 37, 41, and 41. -- Leaf
"Imposing pain on Greeks is ... a blood price for the ever-repeated bailouts whose actual beneficiaries are said to be Greeks
But the worldwide financial crisis was driving the government to rethink the budget; it decided to decrease those subsidies
Changes at the state level last year cost the city about $50 million worth of tax revenue that had gone toward affordable
In addition to their primary tasks, inspectors can report any other problems they stumble upon during their normal inspections
DETROIT -- It's hot, nearly 100 degrees, and Ron Johnson, 56, has been waiting about 20 minutes at the bus stop on the corner
The government is evaluating each welfare applicant to determine how much money the individual needs, a process that will
Third grade was the worst possible year for Shania to be stuck in a huge class. The No Child Left Behind law mandates standardized
Austerity measures have sent shivers of fear through Europe -- and are starting to have a devastating effect on municipalities