Aaron Alexis

Alexis was a contract employee for the Defense Department and received a "secret" clearance in 2008 despite violent incidents
Kojac said in the complaint that like other USIS investigators, she worked out of her home with a company car, interviewing
Local and national news outlets pay attention to politicians and other national and regional officials who do and say things that are unmistakeably racist, covering these outbursts like sporting events.
How many families have to be devastated by the impact of this disease before we make mental illness a priority in this country? One in four is sick. If it were influenza, it would be an epidemic.
In a way, the polarization in our society reminds me of the deterioration in civility that happens when a marriage disintegrates
Hans von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation, said acting too precipitously against an employee with
I know that it is not a simple or easy task to make these decisions about who we provide treatment for, and in what setting, especially since it involves the civil rights of individuals. But I cannot help but conclude the pendulum has swung too far in one direction.
Overall, the poll's respondents expressed hope in Washington. A total of 71% thought that government policies could reduce
Footage released by the FBI on Wednesday shows Aaron Alexis walking with a shotgun through the Washington Navy Yard moments
FBI officials on Wednesday released a series of photos and a video from the Washington Navy Yard that show Alexis preparing