The final season of the sitcom is kicking off with a guest appearance from the former first lady.
The comedian allegedly made people on set uncomfortable with unwanted touching and hugging, and inappropriate and demeaning language.
The live TV event will also re-create an episode of "Diff'rent Strokes."
In a new audio clip, Donald Trump stood up for his supporters who chanted “Hang Mike Pence” on Jan. 6.
QAnon followers gathered in Dallas, Texas thinking that John F. Kennedy and his son would reemerge and help Donald Trump reclaim the presidency, but no one ever showed.
COVID continues to impact the fall TV season, but there are several promising new shows, like FOX's "The Big Leap" and ABC's "The Wonder Years."
The actor "was terrorizing the set," the executive said in a tell-all book about the ABC medical drama.
On shows like "Grey's Anatomy" and "In Treatment," it would have been a disservice to ignore reality and to tell audiences it's OK to look away.
ABC gave fans a first look at the reimagined series, which follows a Black family in Montgomery, Alabama.
Paris Dennard just couldn't bring himself to say the election was legitimate during a grilling from ABC News' Terry Moran.
“Frankly, I didn’t know how to handle that episode,” said the former White House coronavirus official.
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) opened up about the challenges of working with a Republican party drifting away from reality.
Kellyanne and George Conway’s daughter Claudia sang her heart out at her “American Idol” audition.
"We may be looking at a government shutdown in the midst of the most difficult moment in modern American history," Sanders said.
Late night host Jimmy Kimmel torched Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for offering to argue before the Supreme Court in defense of President Donald Trump, a man he once called a “pathological liar.”
The show’s namesake might not survive another near-death experience, but what happens then?
"As a Black woman in entertainment, I feel the responsibility to stand up for what I deserve," the actor said.
The TV titan's story about an all-inclusive pass to the theme park resonated with a lot of people on Twitter.
The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host said “there is no good reason” for Trump’s town hall to be at the same time as Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s on ABC.
HuffPost spoke to 12 former Bachelor contestants about tokenization, racist backlash and where the franchise can go from here.