Zephyr, one of the state's first transgender lawmakers, said the effort to silence her was "a disturbing and terrifying affront to democracy itself."
If the more than 100 bills in state legislatures aiming to ban books fail, lawmakers want to cut library budgets — which could mean cuts to resources for America's most vulnerable.
Jeremy Hanson, 35, made violent anti-LGBTQ-related threats against dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster Inc. over its updated gender definitions.
The state is enforcing new rules to eliminate f-bombs and other obscenities that appeared on vanity license plates after the state effectively eliminated its review process.
Lancaster County District Judge Ryan Post said state law requires that parents listed on birth certificates be the biological parents of the child
A trial is scheduled for October that will determine whether to permanently block the law.
The American Civil Liberties Union's Arizona chapter called the law, signed in July, a "violation of a vital constitutional right."
A federal appeals court ruled that a state law requiring state contractors to pledge not to boycott Israel is not an unconstitutional violation of free speech.
A HuffPost investigation found that despite a surge of cash and renewed energy, a key department within the storied civil liberties group was plagued by strategic misfires and a staff revolt.
Arkansas legislators passed a harmful anti-transgender bill that would ban some medically necessary health care for trans youth.