Affordable Care Act

That's a win -- and it's probably because of government action.
A special open-enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act ends Sunday. Here's what you need to know.
A combination of money and politics likely means party leaders can't do everything they and their supporters want.
A big reason is the temporary boost to Affordable Care Act subsidies that Biden and Democrats want to make permanent.
"The principle of universal coverage has been established," the former president said following the decision.
The decision saves insurance for 31 million and Affordable Care Act protections for preexisting conditions.
The record high enrollment highlights the Affordable Care Act's contribution, even as its survival depends on an imminent Supreme Court ruling.
Biden cites the new Affordable Care Act subsidies as a reason, and he calls to make them permanent.
It could mean health insurance for 4 million low-income Americans, but somebody needs to demand that it happen.
His economic plan doesn't mention it, but White House officials say he will be specific Wednesday about what he wants -- and when.
Days before the president's big speech, there's a lot of jockeying over what policies to push — and when
Promoting enrollment, something the Trump administration never did, seems to be paying off — and helping a lot of people.
But it's not clear what he will do once conversation moves to prescription drugs and public options.
A conversation with the former president about the Affordable Care Act — what went right, what went wrong, and why.
The proposal would also expand tax credits for families with children, lower-earning people and those who buy health insurance on marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act.
Shoring up the Affordable Care Act was always on Biden's agenda, but officials say the coronavirus pandemic has made it even more urgent.
The president-elect also has to figure out how to accomplish his own plans to make health care more affordable without Congress.
With insurance for 21 million Americans at stake, Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh hint they think GOP arguments are weak.
Republicans are suing to overturn the Affordable Care Act. If they win, these six and many other Americans are in big trouble.