Affordable Care Act

In Missouri, Alabama and elsewhere, the party has the upper hand on the issue.
Does anyone out there still believe that Republicans have a plan to replace Obamacare?
The Medicaid expansion campaign is part of an activist movement to get around Republican leaders.
The case concerns Obamacare's birth control mandate, which requires most private health insurance plans to cover contraceptives without a copay.
The Sooner State is the 38th jurisdiction to offer benefits to more adults under the Affordable Care Act.
An hour before midnight, President Donald Trump’s administration filed a Supreme Court brief seeking to dismantle the Affordable Care Act during the coronavirus pandemic.
The late-night move, taken as coronavirus cases reach record levels, threatens the health insurance of millions of Americans.
This is the latest effort by the Trump administration to narrowly define sex discrimination.
"The good news is that if you lose your employer-provided coverage … [you are] eligible to sign up for the Affordable Care Act," said the Republican senator.
The outcome could have a big impact on women's ability to get free contraception through their health plans.