Affordable Care Act

The former president says he wants to reopen the contentious fight over the Affordable Care Act.
Insurance for tens of millions of people, and pre-existing condition guarantees, could be in jeopardy if the former president wins the 2024 election.
It's not just the 2020 election, abortion and LGBTQ rights where the new GOP leader holds positions out of step with most Americans.
It's a change to health care regulations that Democrats say will stop junk insurance and Republicans say reduces choice.
A day earlier, a conservative judge issued a decision that would remove a wide range of preventive services from Obamacare’s coverage mandate.
A notorious anti-Obamacare judge cited the religious freedom of employers who don't want to cover PrEP.
Republicans in North Carolina used to be extremely skeptical of offering the health care program to more low-income residents. That officially changed this week.
The Florida governor's record of opposing Medicaid expansion — and other initiatives to expand coverage — deserves more attention than it's getting
The Biden administration credits higher subsidies and more aggressive promotion, part of Democratic efforts to bolster the Affordable Care Act following years of Republican hostility.
With Democrats' control of Congress teetering, the president has traveled the country to turn the midterms into a choice between two visions for America.