Afghan Election

KABUL, Afghanistan — A new report by European Union election observers on Tuesday supports some of the most stark estimates
Less than a year since she was shot while covering the elections in Afghanistan, Associated Press journalist Kathy Gannon
Let's play a game, the kind that makes no sense on this single-superpower planet of ours. For a moment, do your best to suspend disbelief and imagine that there's another superpower, great power, or even regional power somewhere that, between 2001 and 2003, launched two major wars in the Greater Middle East.
KABUL, Sept 21 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's election commission declared former finance minister Ashraf Ghani as the war-ravaged
When the campaign team led by Manawar Shah came under threat on the day of the Afghan presidential runoff, it was not from
Now, nearing the end of the fourth month of the slow-rolling wreck of this "democratic" Afghan presidential election, we Afghan women have lost our ability to speak. This is not what we women have worked for or voted for or dreamed of, and if we could raise our voices once again, we would not call this "democracy."
When Afghanistan's Independent Election Committee announced on Monday the preliminary results of the presidential election runoff, we Afghan people saw our worst fear materialize before our eyes.
It is 2014 and it is election time in Afghanistan once again. Karzai cannot be a candidate again under the constitutional provisions. The contest now largely hinges between Abdullah Abdullah and Abdul Ghani, both of whom are well-known in Afghanistan.
Afghanistan's presidential election has taken a turn for the worst. Presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah announced his decision to boycott the national election commission and demand the vote-counting process be brought to a grinding halt.
In more than 4,000 interviews around the country, Afghanistan's human rights commission, working in conjunction with 11 community
July 16: Complaints body submits final report Below is a timeline of key events and brief biographies of the contenders. The
When I was invited to go to Afghanistan a few weeks back, what came immediately to mind were scrambling images of a war-torn country that had seen many decades of war and foreign interference.
The candidates must accept the final results of the runoff, and remain open to working together in the next government. If the loser feeds a frenzy of public opposition, it could lay the groundwork for something like the civil war that tore the country apart and opened the door to Taliban rule in the 1990s.
The Afghan judiciary acknowledged that the heroin had been taken from Qadir's house and was on its way to the border police
Afghanistan's allies hailed the April 5 vote a success because of the high turnout, and the failure of Taliban militants
Unless something really untoward happens, the recent election will be the precursor of a peaceful transfer of power in modern Afghan history, which has had its share of coups and assassinations.
It was a very pleasant and peaceful surprise. After weeks of relentless attacks by the Taliban many feared that Saturday's Afghan election would be a very bloody one. But did the Taliban hold back so as not to delegitimize itself?
Despite high threats of violence, turnout was incredibly high. The Associated Press reported that seven million out of 12
As U.S. troops get ready to go home, the Taliban threat and uncertainty over neighbour Pakistan's intentions leave the worry
Seventy percent of Afghans have no confidence in their electoral system, while only 18 percent expressed confidence, according