A conversation over the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan got heated between the Newsmax host and former national security adviser.
For most teenage girls in Afghanistan, it’s been a year since they set foot in a classroom.
Australian Lynne O'Donnell said the Taliban forced her to send tweets retracting her accurate reports about their brutal practices.
The dire humanitarian crisis has received little response from the international community.
Biden's decision means Afghanistan will no longer be eligible for certain military and financial benefits.
"We are basically letting 25 million Afghan people to starve, to die, not to be able to earn their own living if we keep on with this financial blockade."
Following the collapse of the previous government and severe international sanctions, the country's humanitarian crisis has only deepened.
How, and whether, the Taliban allow the world to offer aid remains in question.
At least 1,500 were also injured by the temblor.
Those who have a clear path to the U.S. face a slow processing time, while thousands of others have no idea where they'll end up.