The visit was organized before the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
Experts aren't sure if the dolphins were trying to help — or simply curious.
The next solar eclipse will take place in April 2023.
More than 1.3 million people have been displaced by the disaster.
The current Ebola outbreak in central Uganda has a "very high" 69% case fatality rate, the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.
Kenya is embarking on an ambitious plan to microchip every rhino in the country in a drive to combat a surge of poaching, say wildlife officials.
India’s grasslands as well as forests could offer “appropriate” homes for the big cat facing a shrinking habitat, an expert said.
“Never in the history of the Duesseldorf customs office has a trail of slime led us to smuggled goods,” spokesman Michael Walk told the media.
The embattled nyala had tough choices to make in South Africa.
The 21 teenagers died in a mysterious tragedy at a nightclub in the early hours of June 26.