The powerful storm leveled homes and snapping communications links in the archipelago.
Despite "strong lungs" and a "healthy lifestyle," the champion called COVID-19 "by far the worst virus I've ever endured."
Visitors take pictures of themselves in rooms that have sofas and chairs hanging from the ceiling.
Instead, the new craze for the South African succulent spekboom shows our obsession with silver bullet solutions to the climate crisis.
The new disease - COVID-19 - was also detected for the first time in Pakistan, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Romania and Algeria.
But the presidential candidate doesn't seem to have publicly mentioned the incident before this month, The New York Times reports.
Sudan's transitional authorities have agreed to surrender all those wanted in connection with the Darfur conflict.
Advocates say it's no coincidence these nations were targeted, especially in light of Trump’s comments about Africans.
Conservationists are outraged after the end of a long-standing ban in the nation on trophy hunting.
President Donald Trump is expanding his controversial travel ban to include six more countries.
The locusts are destroying farmland and threatening an already vulnerable region with devastating hunger.
Kenya has harsh penalties for those caught manufacturing, selling, importing or using single-use plastics, yet the country still struggles to reduce its waste.
Al-Shabab extremists have claimed responsibility for the deadly attack at Manda Bay Airfield early Sunday.
The Rhino Orphanage in South Africa is "heartbroken" over the death of Jazz, who had become close pals with a Belgian Malinois named Hunter.
This group of doctors travels by sea, bringing medicine to isolated villages along the Kenyan coast.
Jazz the giraffe and Hunter formed an "astonishing" bond at a wildlife rehab in South Africa.
Israel and a Palestinian militant group, Islamic Jihad, reached a ceasefire.
The creators of Indlovu Gin say an amazing variety of botanicals” can be found in elephant feces.
The organization behind the Oscars requires that films in its International Feature category have scripts that are mostly not in English.
A flight-control system pushed the nose of two 737 Max planes down before crashes that killed 346 people.