Air France

Tickets originating in France will carry a new fee between $1.70 and $20, which will help fund eco-friendly infrastructure like train networks.
Airlines have already juggled crew rosters to make sure staff holding passports from the affected countries don’t fall foul of the new rules.
The child was reportedly spotted by fellow passengers.
As with all labors of love, this is one we will just have to sit back and watch while the players maneuver. As a frequent traveler myself, I like the idea of the Concorde flying again. And landing. Safely.
A device suspected to be a bomb was found in the aircraft's lavatory.
The airline said the crew of Flight 83 decided to divert "as a precautionary measure."
So, for what it's worth, I apologize to this man. And I apologize to all men and women who endure any type of fear-based, awful, oppressive discrimination based on their faith. We have got a long way to go before we make everyone feel safe in our world.