Al Franken

"The Last Word" host also took aim at Fox News in a new podcast interview.
Lindsey Port had absolutely nothing to do with the Democratic senator's downfall. But she was blamed for it anyway.
The former Minnesota lawmaker reflected on his time on the Hill, criticized Trump and cracked jokes during his speech at the “Comic-Con of politics" on Saturday in Nashville.
Former Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) has been accused of sexual misconduct by another woman in New York magazine.
The anonymous accuser told New York magazine she was "deeply, deeply uncomfortable" with Franken's behavior.
The former Minnesota senator has a new public platform, continuing the pattern of accused serial sexual predators getting career comebacks.
What to make of Kirsten Gillibrand’s failure to launch.
"We're a country that believes in second chances," the Democratic presidential candidate said.
Franken’s resignation came after many women had accused him of misconduct. All the allegations involved unwanted touches or attempted kisses.
The presidential hopeful said she's very much over "blaming a woman for the actions of a man" in the wake of a New Yorker article on the former senator.