President Donald Trump’s campaign fired off at the former attorney general for tying himself to the president in an effort to win back his old Senate seat in Alabama.
Federal judges on Monday temporarily blocked Alabama, Texas and Ohio from enforcing abortion bans in their states.
Vadie Sides disappeared from her babysitter's sight while they were walking the dog in eastern Alabama.
The president, whose relationship with his former attorney general has soured, backed former football coach Tommy Tuberville ahead of the March 31 runoff.
The state executed Nathaniel Woods, 43, after unsuccessful appeals from supporters who said Woods was innocent.
Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is heading to a runoff election for his old senate seat. The former U.S. senator from Alabama failed to win a majority of votes, falling behind former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville.
The president said his former attorney general got his just desserts after recusing himself from the Russia investigation.
The Republican senator is appalled that an Alabama state representative is trying to take away a man’s reproductive rights.
The anti-abortion GOP senator criticized an Alabama bill that aims to curb unwanted pregnancies by focusing on men.
A Democratic state legislator said men "should not be legislating what women do with their bodies."
A top National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration official called the president's behavior “crazy.”
High winds, tornadoes and unrelenting rain hit areas from Iowa to Alabama.
Most of the biggest increases were in areas both rural and Southern.
The Storm Prediction Center logged at least three dozen reports of storm damage from east Texas to Georgia.
Hoyt Deau Hutchinson said he slashed the blimp in Alabama in the name of "good versus evil."
Reed's inauguration is historic in the majority-Black city’s 200-year history.
Even though President Donald Trump received cheers at the University Of Alabama football game, one former player blamed the president for the team’s first loss all season.
The alleged slasher vowed to "get rowdy," "make a scene" and "pop that balloon."
Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced that he is running for his old Alabama Senate seat.
After the president wrongly warned that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama, federal scrambled to get correct info out to the state's panicking residents.