The groups claim that the state of Alabama and its officials violated international human rights laws banning torture and other forms of inhumane and degrading treatment.
Key committees advanced legislation to change the state’s ballot certification deadline after the state’s GOP Secretary of State warned Biden may miss it.
The Democratic Party convention falls after ballot access deadlines in both states, but they have provided leeway to both parties in the past.
UConn kept its bid to repeat as national champion intact by surviving its first true test of the NCAA Tournament.
If diversity isn't important to some Southern colleges and universities, maybe Black sports stars should play for schools that appreciate diversity, equity and inclusion.
“Hopefully, this will send the message that it’s inappropriate for the instructors, the teachers, to teach sexual orientation and gender identity," a sponsor of the bill said.
The Republican Study Group’s budget backs a bill that would give full legal rights to embryos from “the moment of fertilization.”
“It is allowing our racial ethnicity, and the significance of our skin color, to be slowly stripped away," a local Democrat said.
The settlement clarifies what is allowed in Florida classrooms following passage two years ago of the law prohibiting instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in early grades.
Critics panned the Alabama senator's theatrical approach to her State of the Union rebuttal speech.