Labor groups across the country and beyond are joining the effort to create a union at an Amazon facility in Alabama, which would be a first in the U.S.
The decision to relocate from Colorado to Alabama was made one week before Donald Trump left office. It has raised questions of political retaliation.
Fultondale Police Chief D.P. Smith said a young man trapped in the basement of his home was pronounced dead at the scene.
The Crimson Tide wide receiver even had Patrick Mahomes talking during Alabama's championship victory over Ohio State.
Unionizing an Amazon facility in the South would be a landmark win for the labor movement, potentially spurring more organizing drives inside the company.
Defeated Democratic Sen. Doug Jones could join a theoretical Biden administration.
Courts ended legal segregation long ago, but Jim Crow language remains preserved in Alabama's lengthy constitution.
“The severity of the COVID–19 pandemic should, by now, need no elaboration,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote in a dissent.
The iconic football coach and the athletic director both said their tests came back positive days before Alabama's big matchup against Georgia.