Climate change is making Walruses haul-out on Alaska’s beach.
“Pilot just left plane fuming,” one Twitter user who said they were on the flight wrote of the incident. Another called it “incredibly unprofessional.”
Wildlife workers killed a sow and her two cubs and another adult bear that were raiding food from the camp.
A construction crew found Lulu in salmonberry bushes after initially confusing her for a bear.
The election was conducted primarily by mail and the former vice-presidential nominee beat out a candidate named Santa Claus.
Alaska elections officials have released initial vote counts in the special primary for the state's only U.S. House seat.
People are readying to evacuate as the state's largest documented wildfire burns within miles of two Alaska Native villages.
Mama Grizzly is back 🙄 Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has set her sights on Congress.
He claimed Palin lifted Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign "out of the dumps" — to then lose.
A decade after her failed vice presidential bid, the former Alaska governor is running to replace conservative GOP Rep. Don Young, who died last week.