Alex Jones

Medical and psychiatric records of parents of children killed in the 2012 school massacre were among a document dump that included Jones' leaked texts.
The Infowars host admitted sending a naked photo — but said he sent it to his wife.
The "Late Show" host mocks Jones' latest excuse.
The messages were first revealed during a trial last week after Jones was told one of his lawyers “messed up."
Hasan offered evidence for "just how far the modern MAGA-led GOP has gone off the rails."
An attorney for the Sandy Hook parents suing the Infowars host said Jones' lawyers "messed up," for accidentally sharing every text Jones sent over the past two years.
For years, Jones has used his platform on Infowars to spread horrific lies that the 2012 school shooting didn't happen. Now he'll have to pay up.
Alex Jones was stunned in court after his legal team accidentally sent over two years worth of his text messages to plaintiff’s side.
The "Daily Show" host spots "one of the funniest moments" of Jones' defamation trial.
"The total debasement of Alex Jones is a wonderful thing," comedian Tim Heidecker remarked.