Alex Jones

The Fox News host sounds a lot like America's most notorious conspiracy theorist.
A new court filing baselessly claims Clinton orchestrated Sandy Hook defamation cases against the Infowars host in a "vendetta to silence Alex Jones."
Conspiracy theorist and far-right radio host Alex Jones launched a tirade against then-President Donald Trump in newly leaked footage from 2019.
The Infowars host, who profits from pandering to Trump's base, was filmed in an expletive-laden tirade against him in 2019.
Investigators are examining ties among Stone, inflammatory conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and violent rioters, sources told The Washington Post.
"Joe Biden is a globalist, and Joe Biden will be removed, one way or another!" the conspiracy theorist said to cheers.
Roger Stone called for President Donald Trump to seize power if he loses the November election.
The character's creator still can't believe how his chill stoner frog dude became a hate symbol of the alt right.
‘I’m ready to hang ’em up and gut ’em and skin ’em,” the InfoWars conspiracy theorist said of his neighbors.
It was yet another example of right-wingers ignoring measures that have been put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus.