Alex Jones

The money will be used to pay the conspiracy theorist's legal expenses, with any money left over going to the Sandy Hook families he defamed.
Some attendees at a recent rally for the former president had a hard time when pressed on some of their beliefs.
Right-wing influencers on X used the tragedy in Baltimore to boost their brands.
Attorney Mark Bankston, who has represented Sandy Hook families, didn't mince words when discussing Rodgers' alleged false and conspiratorial beliefs.
As one person told the conspiracy-spewing talk show host, "When you're explaining, you're losing."
The conspiracy-spewing radio host claims the British comedian is under attack because he's "pro humidity."
An attorney representing several families said the proposal “falls woefully short” of providing everything the families are entitled to under bankruptcy laws.
Jones was banned from the platform in 2018 for spreading lies about the Sandy Hook school shooting, which killed 26 people.
Jones spent more than a decade harassing the families of those who died in the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting. Musk is now amplifying him.
It is a major turnaround for Musk, who previously said he wouldn’t let Jones back on the platform despite repeated calls to do so.