Ali Abdullah Saleh

Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed after decades of manipulating the country's politics for his own gain.
The country is being ravaged by war.
Many waved national colors and denounced the U.S. and Saudi Arabia over the conflict.
At the same time, there may been reason to expect that Italy and Oman are also exploring a defense partnership. In September
In fact, the Obama administration, which chastised Russia for killing civilians in Syria, is becoming embarrassed by the
The bombing of a wake in the country's capital is believed to have killed at least 140 people.
For decades now, Yemen's people have suffered from bad governance, underdevelopment, and prolonged civil conflict. Despite enduring these multiple hardships, Yemenis have largely been ignored by the rest of the world.
In consideration of the harsh conditions in the region and competitiveness among the various regional players, such a diplomatic
Amidst the background of a violent conflict that is destroying Yemen, the UAE seeks to prove to the world that the wealthy emirates are capable of more than just spending billions of dollars to create a first-rate military with advanced weaponry.
"All the parties to this conflict have displayed a ruthless and wanton disregard for the safety of civilians."