Allen West

The unvaccinated gubernatorial candidate kept pushing conspiracy theories about the shot while he benefited from expensive medical intervention.
Allen West, who said he did not get vaccinated, and his wife Angela who did, have both tested positive for COVID-19.
West said he is considering running for statewide office in Texas, possibly for governor or Congress.
Sometimes Conservative talking heads promote a story without taking any time to see if the moral of the story fits their narrative. An excellent example of this comes from Allen West website editor-in-chief, Michele Hickford, who recently penned an article titled "Liberals start screaming: Chick-fil-A restaurant owner does the unimaginable to his employees."
Watching the news these days is like watching a long-running soap opera. You can tune out for years, check back and discover that your favorite character is still dying or still having that baby.
Conservatives rally support for Troopathon, a fundraiser for the group Move America Forward.
I have lately been wondering if a white man were in office during these tumultuous times of global and humanitarian crises if he wouldn't be given more slack from the American people.
The "strong leader" Republicans admire has presided over a country which provides little economic freedom, and has helped the country fall from moderate levels of freedom to dictatorship according to Freedom House, everything they accuse Obama of doing in America.
The hypocrisy manages to be both stunning yet also banal, even predictable. It's not rocket science. Sgt. Bergdahl was never a living, breathing human to these people -- just what the director Alfred Hitchcock would have called a "MacGuffin."