Benjamin Welton uses pen names to write racist articles. He's also a teacher, PhD student, and freelance writer for major media outlets. Now he's been exposed.
In message boards, messaging apps and on Facebook, the president’s hardcore supporters spoke of violence and "a military option."
Europeans are sharing coronavirus conspiracy theories and photos of U.S. protests on Telegram, where they plan their own demonstrations.
The number of hate crimes reported to the FBI in 2017 rose by 17 percent.
Gab, a social network popular with the alt-right is back online after losing its original domain host following the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting
Gab, the social media network popular with the alt-right has been taken down.
Four men have been charged for rioting at the Unite The Rally in Charlottesville.
Rep. Billy Long (R-Mo.) just had his finest moment in Congress.
White supremacist Jason Kessler was humiliated when his dad interrupted his anti-Semitic livestream to tell him to get out of his room.
Portland police are under investigation after witnesses say clashes at an far-right rally turned bloody.
Police chief orders investigation of "allegations of injury as result of law enforcement action."
Portland wasn't the next Charlottesville. But activists say police almost accidentally killed an anti-fascist protester.
In recent weeks, news stories have proliferated claiming the white supremacist alt-right is collapsing amid infighting between
Hate crimes have increased, extremist groups are growing, and two mass killings shocked the country.
Spike Lee slammed Donald Trump’s response to Charlottesville at the premiere of his film “BlacKkKlansman” at Cannes.
Since the deadly "Unite The Right" rally in August, white supremacists have targeted multiple cities for rallies. Each has been determined not to be the next Charlottesville. Here’s what the people in Newnan, Georgia, had to say as the town prepared for a neo-Nazi event to take over the local park on April 21.
Shooter Alexandre Bissonnette mainlined anti-Islam, anti-refugee media before killing six Muslim men in 2017.
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Lauren Hogg accused Laura Ingraham of cyberbullying after the Fox News host tweeted a personal attack against her older brother David Hogg.
HuffPost discovered that Florida teacher Dayanna Volitich was promoting white nationalist views online under the pseudonym “Tiana Dalichov.” Parents say her views often showed up in the classroom.
Spencer and his white supremacist buddies had a miserable two days in Michigan. Everywhere they went, anti-fascist protesters were waiting.