Amanda Knox

Knox was at the center of a media frenzy when she was convicted and then acquitted of the murder of Meredith Kercher.
Much like Michelle Carter, Knox was once cast as a "femme fatale" in a high-profile case.
Big Bad Wolf beau stalks her Little Red Riding Hood as her posts go public two years after her murder acquittal.
For more than two decades, Tyra Patterson has insisted that she was coerced into falsely confessing to participating in a
Before watching the Netflix documentary on Amanda Knox, I could’ve gone either way regarding her guilt or innocence. While
A woman was murdered. But we chose to talk about Knox's sex life instead.
"Amanda Knox" is a meta-commentary on the public's obsession with salacious news.
Ashley Olsen, 35, was found in her Florence apartment with her neck bruised and scratched, police said.
Life is short. Just ask Daniel Gristwood and Shariff Wilson. New trial is sought for Lamarr Monson, a Detroit man convicted
The case against Knox was flawed and influenced by the media furore around the murder trial, the court said.